Would you mind if the devs lowered the titan rewards?

I would mind. Having nothing to do with the fact were killing 7*, ascension items should not be made harder to get for the broad based population to benefit the elite, which at a minimum is how this would be perceived even if not the intent.

Additionally, you’d be lowering something 7 times a week (in the case of a titan) at the expense of 2x (the war - which haven;t proven to be that valuable yet (small sample size) anyways so that really can’t be a reason.


I absolutely agree with the two posters before me.


War loot is garbage and 11 star titans will benefit the top alliances only, so everyone below getting their scarce income of ascension materials makes no sense at all.

EDIT: This sentence “makes no sense at all”, which makes it terribly funny, but I hope you got what I meant. I’ll leave it like this for the giggles :smiley:


I feel that if the rewards were lowered it would be an abandonment of the lower players… We already struggle but there’s those among us striving to be in that group of high level titan killers. If the goal line continues being pushed back many players would just give up.

On that note I wouldn’t notice a change. I’m a casual player so what ever is available is just what I get. I put little thought into the rewards because I’m not aiming for the top… I’ve done my grinding in the past thanks.


I would mind. I am a F2P player, and I believe as are some of the members of my alliance, or at least they probably spend the minimal on Gems. I think I may be one of the less lucky member of my alliance because on the anniversary tokens, most of them have gotten upgrades in heroes (I saw one Elena pop up amongst his/her band of 2* defenders for the war). Luck is not something I could control, of course.

I am essentially stuck where I am with my current maxed out 4* heroes on the 3rd tier until I could get some ascension items for them, and they are hard enough to come by as is. Me not being able to get better heroes for my main line up would probably not enable me to help out as much on the Wars / Titans as much as I wanted to. We are juggling between 3* - 5* Titans at the moment, but haven’t killed a 5* yet, and I am not doing much to help.

Don’t take away the chance at the already rare Ascension Items, because unless my luck changes, that’s the only way I could improve my roster while keeping my F2P status.


I would very much object to it - as ascension mats are already hard to come by (which is an understatement). I would also mind very much, because here we were informed that there were to be new ways to get ascension materials - there was no mention of them being nerfed as well.

Actually, we have been noticing - loot tiers on titans have been giving rise to questions already.


If the rewards for titans got any worse, they would be taking loot away from us. Seriously, what a dumb question.


Do you honestly think anyone is going to answer “no” to this?


You should give your reasoning as to why you think they should reduce ascension items. As you can probably guess, you are in an extreme minority (literally 1 out of a million plus).


As a F2P player I would mind a lot, ascension mats are rare enough, don’t make them even rarer, please…
Oh and, it would make my alliance (and many others I suppose) less excited about killing 6-7* titans, unless the reduction is minimal.

I think I would notice, maybe.


I don’t like to be harsh but

Probably the dumbest question I’ve read on here


I definetely notice.

I see everything.
I see you.
Nice shirt.


Everyday 30 people in my alliance give their best to kill the titan, then when I see what kind of loot they get it feels like devs flushed all our effort in toilet. It’s really hard to convince them to kill one after another. We kill 9*, 10* and every time loot is mostly useless crap. Even if the question is a joke, I feel personally offended as a player. First of April is still few days ahead.


@Talisax, it’s not that I think that, but someone might think that the titan rewards should be adjusted by taking into account the new sources of rewards. Easier obtainable ascension materials would make the game… easier. The game should have a 3rd birthday too, right?

Personally, I’d also mind. And I wouldn’t notice.

So you’re saying it is too easy to get ascension items? Gain you’re 1 out of a million as This is the most common complaint (followed closely by summons)


11* Titan? Info from Beta or where can I get those informations from?

No stronger titans in beta.
The only confirmation we have is devs talking about “hyper titans” but they have not disclosed any details. I believ this came from the dev chat with a few of us players


I don’t understand how you can lower it more

That’s pathetic


My info about titans was from here:

I have never put down after playing and thought, “ ■■■■ I got to many mats today, I hope they nerf titan loot so the game becomes even more of s grind then it normally is.” Even though this is a totally ridiculous question to ask, at least it isn’t another post about unfair AW match up or how arrows suck, so OP gets credit for that fact anyway…:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


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