Would you limit brake alfrike and telluria

I get good results tanking with her in reverse formation in raids. Manual farming in S3, she is a game changer. I was just curious about her utility outside of those two examples and Rush attacks. :slightly_smiling_face:

She works best for me as a tank from my dark collection in pretty much every war.
I tried kunchen, hel, killbunny all with emblems. Non of them worked better.
I also have some of the s1, Clarissa and mok but they are all without emblems, so can’t really say how they would do.

I know, non of those alternatives are considered top tanks, kunchen maybe some time ago.

So not really sure if she is really a good tank or just the best out of some mediocre tanks.

But in the end I don’t break her for my defense but just for offense. She is such a great hero pretty much everywhere and I think she will profit the most from the break because she needs to stay alive and whatever helps her is welcome.


Agree completely. But if I’m going to limit brake alfrike I’ll hav to stick to her and just keep limit braking alfrike to the point where she can survive even normal wars. So my final thought is just bite the bullet and go all in concentrate on alfrike. I’m sure she will be a beast when you get to about level 2 + on limit brakes.

In defence she is in the middle of W formation.

In wars she is always my tank, I can replace her with Killhare but Alfrike works better even outside vfast wars.


Berra or Alfrike? I have not decided yet

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I is tough with all these good hero’s coming in but if I had to choose I would probably still go alfrike as she needs it more and because of the tournaments and wars.

Bera the way she is at 4/ 80 with emblems is still good enough as she mainly used for her minions and also if she dies it’s still a kick in the teeth as she drops the mana down lol.

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Just to change the topic up a little would anyone think telluria is worth limit breaking. Or a waste and should just stick to hemidal.

As we all know telluria was once a tank you could rely on before the extreme double nerf could limit brake bring her back in the game .

Is she worth it? Probably not.
Do I consider her? Yes.

Don’t laugh at me for that :see_no_evil:
It’s just unlike some other colors were I already have pretty fix lists which hero will get limit broken I have no idea in green.

What I have: lianna, Kingston, mageret, telluria, atomos, bertilla.

Mageret and lianna are definitely not in the limit breaker list. Mageret sees some action in wars and titans but beside that not much. Lianna only gets used during wars and not every time, she is just boring like most snipers (although good).

Bertila is at max emblems, she sees some action during rush, also sometimes in pvp or maps. But with her I just don’t feel like she needs a buff.

Atomos is most of the time in my war defense, so he would be one to consider and also used regularly in most other aspects of the game.

Kingston would be great, but he doesn’t have emblems and won’t get them in the next time. So the only reason giving him the break would be to make him a little bit sturdier so he maybe gets more used in the future.

That leaves telluria. She still has 20 emblems, she still sees a lot of action in my teams. She just do a lot of things, yes she sucks at them all, but when I raid rainbow she is just really helpful with how many things she does at the same time.

So it’s in the end between atomos for war defense, Kingston just because he is so good or telluria who probably sees the most action in my green team.

To be honest I’m not sure if I would recommend someone to limit break her, probably not and she is definitely not the best option I have either. But I’m not really playing this game for the best option but for having fun. And at the moment my definition of fun is raiding with rainbow teams and for that she is my best available choice :man_shrugging:


Telluria with limit brake makes her 1015 defence ponits is prity much what’s running in my mind that’s a tough tank and tbh if you limit her I think its not a bad decision in my opinion.

But yeah what she gives out is not a grate deal after they nerfed her but still think with fast mana troop at her average speed could still be a pain especially with the limit brakes to keep her fighting could cause problems.

But obviously I’m on the same boat and just not sure. need someone that’s gone ahead and done it to find out what she or he thinks at the performance.

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My answer for both Alfrike and Telluria would depend on your alternatives. At least in my case, alternatives didn’t come often. If Telly & Alfrike are your best & most used of their colors, I’d go for it. If you have competitors like Kingston or Onyx, that adds another level to the question.

The only reason I didn’t limit break Alfrike was my emblems. Jean-François is my top red and he was soaking all the wizard stuff. So I waited, got Kunchen, and maxed him instead. (Well… I also never got the dark aethers though. I retired first, and I’m speaking from a grave here :joy:)

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Ever since the mighty nerf on telluria she was striped from emblems and stuck on hemi I do now hav enough to fully blem telluria but again is it worth it now as limit brakes are here and could it make a difference to telluria as I’m starting to level my options for war and tournaments.

Welcome back from the dead :joy:

If I had Alfrike then yes, I would make her lv 85 without any second thoughts.
But not Telluria, not as 1st choice nor 2nd nor 3rd.