Would you limit brake alfrike and telluria

Just would like to hear players thoughts on would you limit brake alfrike and why?.

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I’m going to LB my Alfrike, she is one of my best heroes and I’m using her everyday. She is also in my regular and war defence.
With some more stats she will be able to survive longer and have better chance to fire her special.


I will when the dark Aether quest comes. Have already the 5th.

Why, because I like her, she is one of the dark who sees the most action in my rooster and also sometimes tanks during war. I’m lacking one of the classic dark tanks.

The only real competition for me personally would be hel, but I like hel as she is at the moment and Alfrike being super slow can’t have enough stats to stay alive.

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My thoughts are if I’m to limit brake alfrike I will be going all in on her and when I get a second chance she will be limit broken again making her survive even more with a max mana troop. So hopefully I’ll be able to use her in all wars.

Also my worry is if I go all in and she turns out to be insane will she become to strong and bring up the question she needs to be nerfed in the future. Then limit brakes will be wasted.

I completely agree tho she is a great hero 100%

I will. She’s my best, most versatile dark hero, so it’s actually not a difficult decision for me.


Nop, I’m only using her during VF wars and tournaments but she’s never used outside of this format.


Yes since I use her far more often than I thought I would. I’ve replaced using Victor with her since he doesn’t really provide that much of an advantage.

Yes, go ahead and LB her. It’s all the same to my Lord Loki when I copy her :crazy_face:


I have tough choice between Alfrike and Onyx.

I use Onyx more often offensively, but Alfrike can be valuable tank when we run purple for wars - and those extra stats really can help for that role.

Still didn’t make up my mind there.

Other purples I have on 4.80 (and don’t consider LB them first):

  • Freya
  • Kunchen
  • Guardian Panther
  • Killhare
  • Clarissa
  • Jabberwock
  • C. Sartana
  • Grimble
  • Hel

Never really hav any trouble with him and rarely see.

Yeah kinda the same problem as me as hav other options but alfrike is the type that if she able to fire prity much game over.

But saying that u do hav killhare that’s a tough choice lol

Frankly, Killhare got benched when I got Onyx - he’s so much better than her IMHO.

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Oh #@& I forgot about him lol very true. But for some reason killhare still worries me more in raids then onyx.

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Yeah I got Victor tbh was a waste of time levelling him especially now the way the game is and new hero’s coming in.

I agree. Onyx never seems that bad. Killhare worries me.


Why would Killhare worry you? She’s great on offense and defense. Her mana charge is better than Onyx and she’s not paper thin like onyx. I have both full maxed at 20 nodes and I use them together in my attack team. On defense I use Killhare far more than I use onyx. To each their own but if I were to choose between onyx and Killhare to LB it would absolutely be Killhare. The boost her attack would be terrifying to face. She’s already devastating as is.

I would use LB on Alfrike. Right now I can usually kill her with 3 yellow tiles when I attack with my mono yellow, 4 tiles at worst. But when it starts to take 6 tiles to kill her I’m out. No thanks. Reroll time….


That’s why killhare worries me lol took the words right out of my mouth bud lol.

With alfrike I’m the same it takes me 3/4 tiles to take out but my thinking if I limit brake her twice she’s going to be on another level. Hopefully

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I got ya. I misread your statement. I thought you were saying you worry more about Onyx than Killhare. :joy:

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What position do you play her in; rules being one determining factor?

For defence team killhare is beast. Onyx is top offensive hero. At defence is not so good. Afrike is gamer changer but is so slow for defence. Killhare is amazing and offence and defence. I going killhare for limit

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