Would you give your emblems to atomos?

Do you think atomos with the 20 emblems are powerful enough for the defense team?

My defense is: Alberich (+20) - Mitsuko (+19) - Kunchen (+20) - Onatel (+19) - Misandra (+19)

I also have it on 4/80:
Red: Azlar (+19) - Marjana (+19) - Elena - Zimkitha
Green: Lianna (+20) - Evelyn - Gregorion
Blue: Richard (+19) - Frida - Magni - Isarnia
Yellow: Joon (+19) - poseidon
Purple: Panter G. - Khiona - Sartana - Domitia

Do you think he has space in my defense?

Thank you

For sure, he was buffed from meh to yeah and now is one of the top green tanks. First hero where they changed mana speed after release.


I wouldn’t. Alby at +20 is guaranteed a spot on your d team and I don’t recommend doubling up on a color on D. Especially if Atomos would be your tank

With the D team you listed, Atomos definitely doesn’t have a spot. Your current Rainbow team is really good as is.


I have Atomos+18
He does not have a space in defense roster because I use Telluria as the tank.
Is he a good attacker?.. Yes. After he has got a boost, he became a good complement to raiding and war attack team especially when I use green stack.


Alby Ona Kun Atom Missy

Missy Kun Atom Mits Joon

Kun Lia Az Atom Joon

All those are possible defenses with Atomos. I’m very careful if I meet him since the buff…

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If you need a green tank, then yes he is worrh it. He is awesome now since his buff in that role! I have Telly, so I’m a little more unsure of even maxing mine, but probably will when I hit 12 tonics…at least he will be beastly in the very fast tourney.

Agreed…he can do some serious damage if your mana bars are high.

The original Easter bunnies were the first actually :wink:

But I agree with Olmor, we have a teammate at Misfits who tried Atomos tank and had good success with him. He’s no Telluria, but what he lacks in utility and tankiness, he makes up for in raw power. He’s the closest equivalent to a green Ursena.


Jack o Hare slow… lol
I don’t even use him @ fast. :rofl:


Speaking of Atomos tank, would you prefer Atomos or Yunan? Those 2 are my only 2 green 5*s, and I’d like to ascend one, but it’s a very tough call. I think I would use a green tank in war eventually. Yunan could get emblems, but I’m not sure about giving them to Atomos.

Seldom had issues with Yunan.

Green tank ranking imo:

other snipers, DoAs, AoEs, DoTs


Olmor who is Tootie? :slight_smile:

You probably forgot Heimdall and momma north?

Hmm thanks for the rankings. My issue is I have other 5* barbs, being Kageburado and Malosi. 0 fully ascended 5s yet, but Kage would be my main emblem target there I think. Of course the only 4* mat I’m missing is tabards.

Tootie is Heimdall i assume lmao, he has a large horn. North is on there as well.

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Is he? Maybe till end of 2019,but nowadays I think Alby has lost his usefulness.

With all those fast dot dealer, mana controller and Malosis out there, he will be dead before his mana bar reaches the middle. I swapped all his emblems to Vela.

For now, yes. His usefulness has taken a bit of a hit lately but he’s still really good. Atomos exels at tank, where Kunchen already is. Kunchen’s presence is a large part of why I don’t like Atomos on that team

In our alliance, we run green tanks

If i didnt have telluria, atomos would be maxed and emblemed without a 2nd thought(only since his latest buff though, before that i never would have considered it)


Faced my first costume Kadilen as tank the other day. She was a pain actually.

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Bring 2 riposters and 3 healers to counter cKad…

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Curious as to the 3 healer part of your advice and why you advise such for cKad?

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