Would you care if Mythic Titan is removed?

I honestly don’t care about the Mythic Titan and I just see it as a boring waste of space and time. If you enjoy it then great.


It feels that a poll is in order

  • I am just doing it for the rewards
  • Don’t care either way
  • I would like it and be more involved if the rewards were better
  • I would like it and be more involved if the event was more exciting (new mechanisms etc))

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half the size, 6 flags would be fine, but keep the same rewards


What is not to like? It doesn’t use regular energy. Just attack the Mystic Titan using 150 sec and move some tiles. You get free stuff when the event ends. If you don’t care about the score then don’t use battle items.


Fully agree… 12 flags is way too much. Too many resources used and too much time (up to 30 minutes!)


i use just one flag whitout battle items, it is worth enough for a couple emblems


This is just another moaning post imo. There are events ahead of this one in the removal queue for most people!


We all have different types of content we enjoy. Some love challenge events, some maps, some titans, some just raid and war.

It being there doesn’t affect anyone who doesn’t wish to participate in it, but gives for those who do enjoy it to play.


Obviously OP is not in a decent alliance.

Personally speaking, I am not sure what is not to like. I do it for the rewards to be honest - and to support my alliance who enjoy doing it.
If you just want free loot and don’t bother with the score then don’t use battle items.
But a lot depends on the expectations of your alliance colleagues. With that in mind, if you don’t want to bother, but the majority of your alliance competes to get high scores etc then perhaps consider looking for an alliance that’s a better fit for you.
There are other events like the Towers that I don’t enjoy doing as much at the second levels so I stop after completing the first half. I just focus on the bits of the game that I enjoy first


I’m indifferent. But, 12 flags are a waste of time. And since it does not use WE, can we not have MASQUERADE COSTUME EVENT back ?

It’s a f2p friendly event so please can we have it back to MONTHLY ?
There’s hardly anything else left for f2p I guess ? other than upcoming Soul summon ofcourse

What does that have to do with enjoying Mythic Titan or not?

I suppose if what you mean is “lots of alliance-mates who buy the Mythic Titan bundle, so that you wind up getting a bunch of hurricanes and alteration scrolls,” hurrah, but that’s less about the MT than the sale that goes with it.

(And that if you actually want some kind of a really high score that you’re probably having to use at least some really high-end battle items, which is presumably the real point of the event.)

Mostly I just see it as “how can I find a sweet spot between getting some respectable number of emblems without burning more items than I can replace?”

I’m not sure how much the Soul thing is even for F2P really, given how long it takes to accumulate 10-20 extra 5* heroes purely by F2P means.

For folks who are often doing 10-pulls, on the other hand….


Ofcourse it is, something is better than nothing at all, especially getting a free hero of your choice ?
Been playing for 18 months now, accumulated 14 5*s sitting on bench (ready to sacrifice Elena 2.60) in exchange for Ursena.

I m fine with MT for a day, but 2 days makes it stretched.

I have solved it for me,
my aim is to be in top 1% individual / total hits which is done in 6-7 flags…
I hardly use any mats & simply hit with curiosity of how many points I will collect = makes it FUN !

Rewards r RnG & hence, don’t have expectations = not disappointed, but also enjoy getting useful stuff.

Instead of cribs to stop something, finding ONE’s way to engage or not, how much to engage = have fun… is my moto :wink::rofl:
Remember, this game is not for few individuals, but for all players… & more variety is welcome…:grinning:


The chance to get something is nice, but counterpoint: since I may only be able to use Soul Exchange once, ever, I’m going to be paranoid about making that one choice really, really count.

cf. people who are likely to have another 10-20 duplicates ready to train in at the next SE anyway

Can you please tell me how to quote someone? Sorry I’m too old for this ?

You are right though, you can perhaps do 1 exchange per year or ever, and would be paranoid to see Miki featured in the next one, but then what choice do I have as an f2p ? To continue with S1 heroes and get kicked by 4*s of recent events/seasons in raids and wars,

or to make my roster slightly teensy weensy better lol

@Maximus_Prime here you go – click on the bottom right arrow of the post you want to reply to, then when the reply pops up click on the very first speech bubble icon on the left.

as for my thoughts on the Titan: I do it mainly for the rewards, though do enjoy the chance to use heroes / team set ups I don’t normally use. If I don’t feel like hitting it a particular month? I ignore it, happy to let others enjoy it.

it doesn’t cost me anything to join (no gem entry fee!), it doesn’t cannibalize my world/raid/titan energy… I see no drawback to it. let those who enjoy it, enjoy it. why would we remove it?


Did I do it right? I did I think. Thanks, Much appreciated sleepyhead.God bless you.
Have fun. Hope you get loot and heroes you desire.


my pleasure @Maximus_Prime , and likewise! wishing you good fortune and much enjoyment!


My alliance, in the past and my current one… We occasionally push for top 100… And sure you get more emblems… But the amount of resources resorted to crawl into the top 100 really aren’t worth it. I’d be ok with top 250 with 6 solid hits and ■■■■ away the rest.

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