Would you be excited about ascending any of these?

I had been saving mats in case I got some of the new OP heroes but I’ve cut back on spending so I might consider upping some of my non S1 heroes.

Here are my best options
Lady Locke
Morgan LF
I guess I can add Richard too

So my main problem is green is easily my best color so I don’t know if I’d actually use any of these if I ascended them. I do have over 1000 sorcerer emblems and a decent amount of barbarian and paladin. I’m starting to build up rogue now too

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The only one that I would do is Lady Locke. Lots of sorcerer emblems, and a cleanser in a colour that only has one other I can think of (costumed Caedmon)

I’ve had Aegir at 3-70 for ages (and a second at 1-1) and he isn’t that great. I sometimes use him on Titans to good effect, up to 14s, and he is OK, but I’d save the scopes (I have enough to ascend him also but haven’t, so taking my own advice). I also have Richard and costume at 3-70 with similar thoughts

Lady locke is very good on offense and i d ascend her immediatly for her cleanse.

Good luck with your choice

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Lady Locke and atomos are both solid heroes.


I would definitely call Lady Loky …

Well, I initially leveled this guy just because I liked the art:

Honestly, I also liked him on offense with slow mana, because when he was ready to fire, most enemies surely had >50% of mana.

With his buff he sometimes is a little bit too fast and if I don’t check the mana of the enemies, it could happen I fire him too early.

@Needtoknow: LadtLocke & Atomos are worth it … without a wait…as they will improve ur roster…

Morgan LF & Aegir later if u don’t have any hero to ascend…

I plan to start Atomos & Morgan LF when my current green 6 hero waitlist at 3/70 gets ascended to 4/80…

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