Would u be so kind ? Team tarlak

Hi! I am playing from March 2019 and I think I am in the point that I need some help from ppl with a lot of experience.
Help me to make my next steps: what to lvl up nd ascend.
My hero list:
Raids/ war team: Kageburado 3.47 Hansel 4.7 Frida 3.7 gretel 4.7 boldtusk 4.7
Def/titans /quest: same but wukongs 4.7 replacing gretel.

Rest of list:
5*: joon3.1 sartana 2.6 elkanen2.36 khagan3.39
Leonidas, tarlak, isarnia, obakan
4*: melendot3.6 ricard 3.6 kiril4.55 sonya tiburtus gormek wilbur sumitomo kashhrek grimm littlejohn cyprian boril lixiu agwe gobller skittleskul danzaburo chao ameonna gadeirus proteus triton jackohare scarlet kelile hutao caedmon

Please any constructive advice will be highly appriciated !
PS: tarlak was got today and i dont know how will work .

Hi Kimic.

What ascension materials do you have?

Hi Inigo. For 5 * Khagan is the closest one … 4 rings 2 needed more …rest of them …i need 5 * ascend materials. For 4* i think each color i can make 4.70

Kk you’ve been playing only since March, but you’ve spent some money.

My advice to you is this:

  1. Take the 5* heroes which you have taken to third tier, up to 3-70 then leave them alone until you have materials to ascend them.
  2. Take the 4* heroes you have on 4th tier, up to max.
  3. Focus on your 4* heroes. The best in your list are Wilbur Grimm Rigard Kiril Tiburtus Gormek Proteus. Max them out!

By the time you have done this, you will have ascension materials saved up, and more experience in the game.


Thank you Inigo! I will focus on 4* . Kiril has 4 asc. Already . Ricard i can make th 4th any time. Next will be wilbur ? What about tarlak. ? Should i give him 3 ascend ?

You’re welcome Kmicic.

Yes, I’d do Wilbur next.

To be honest, getting them to 4th tier isn’t the goal. MAXING them is the goal. Discipline yourself! Finish Boldtusk to 4-70 before ascending Wilbur. Do that always, or your teams will always be a little bit weak.

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Tarlak is a special case. Yes, I would take him to 3-70 as he is useful there.

His attack increase stacks with boldtusks too. Use then together. Or Kiril and Tarlak.

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Honestly I’d take the 5* you already have leveled and stop at whatever max ascension level you are currently on and work on maxing some of your 4* heroes. It’s much quicker and less AM’s needed. This way you’ll have a solid 4* team or two that you can supplement with your 3/70 5*
Tarlak is going to be extremely useful for Titans so depending on how you feel about Wu maybe bring him up a bit?

***Edit: What @Inigo said in much fewer words. Follow his advice!!

Just remember that fully leveling 5* to a level where they are better than 4* will take a long time. Meanwhile you could have leveled several full 4* teams (wouldn’t hurt to level a couple 3* also)

Just some pretty useless advice from someone who spent so much time leveling his 1st 5* (who is still sitting at 3/70 to this day) that he was getting massacred in AW and Raids. Course correction fixed that after maybe a wasted month or two


@PapaHeavy: thanks ! I’ve got it. I have now max : gretel hansel boldtusk wu kiril. They are working very good. :slight_smile: especially hansel and gretel and boldtusk. . I like wu. He helps a lot at quests and titans but tu much lottery for raids. I will continue with wilbur proteus ricard.

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I am a bit worry about def team. I dont have one. And i past 1900 cups i need to defend them… and wars @Inigo @PapaHeavy

From left to right, a decent platinum defense using what you’ve got;
Hansel, Boldtusk, Boril, Li Xiu, Rigard

You could make other defense teams. That’s just an example of one that will work at your level for now.


@Kmicic, @Inigo has great suggestions. Try them out, move heroes around and see what works for you. As you climb in cups the opposition becomes significantly more difficult so your Defense will constantly be evolving. Good luck my friend!!

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Hi ! I’ve descovered today a new combo:
Hansel gretel boldtusk wukong ricard…all raids won in range 2000 cups :smile:
Main attack is wu …and his imprevisibility is defended by 2 healers and the mana special from the brothers- H&G . Very nice. I think this combo will be even better with tarlak when is ready What do u think ? I have no sxperience with tarlak. @PapaHeavy @Inigo

If you haven’t done so yet level a pair of rainbow 3* teams. It won’t cost much material; it will go very fast. You will have a much deeper bench for helping your team in war and you can use them in rare events and 3* raid tourney.

I’ll add that I am a high diamond player and have been in the top 10 globally more times than I can recall, and top overall once - and I neglected 3*s when I began as sooo many people do.

BUT! Once raid tourneys came along with 3* restrictions I crash built 5 3* teams and the last two raid tourneys I’ve been comfortably in the top 1% and have 60 emblems because of it.

I wish I’d built the 3* teams earlier and not had to over commit resources to get them done when I did.

Don’t make my mistake - build early and steady and never neglect 3*s.


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