Would love some advice from some of the more experienced players

@OG-Pusha to me she doesn’t do anything great. Also, because telluria has a heal that lasts 3 turns her 1 heal effectively counters 100% of clarissas damage.

In addition she’s a paladin, so joe she’s sharing emblems with telluria, and her defense to special skills only applies to dark.

So if you’re running her in a rainbow team…against a telluria tank we’re left with someone who does nothing but cancel tellurias healing, and increases her own defense against special skills. Yes she would be nice to have for purple attacks, and certain raid fights, but the raid fight would be rare and she offers lurker value against titans

@Elayanith Ha? What’s Ha?

Hero academy



Remember, I NEVER get any HOTM, so that saves me a lot of spaces.

Back to topic… :grin:


Guardian Falcon/Jackal/Panther all have elemental defense down which is very useful for titans, and situationally useful against certain teams you’ll see in raids & wars. It’s an rare power, and really helps your titan scores - think of them like Wu Kong, as they increase damage for others, but there’s no miss chance.

That’s why summoning in Guardians of Teltoc is a good thing.


Elemental defence down also stacks with normal defence down, so if Panther hits an enemy that, say, Grimm also hits (or even better, Tibertus, because he is dark), the enemy has lowered defence overall with extra vulnerability to dark damage on top of that. Wish I had her… [sigh]


Oh wow, that is really good!

@Zteev so if I haven’t ever summoned in guardians before I should prioritize that?

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Agree totally! The Guardian heroes are great

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You’ll want jackal and falcon for the same reasons. They’re only 4* as well which makes them a little more accessible.
I wouldn’t bring clarissa to kill a telly, I understand your point, but we’ll just have to agree to disagree :slight_smile:

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@OG-Pusha I feel like if I had more than 2 5*s clarissas strength for purple teams in war might be more appealing to me. But since I’m looking at every 5 star I get in comparison to where they might fit in my overall team roster it’s just tough!

I would put Guardians as a relatively high priority.

Realize that you have a choice where to use Gems, Challenge coins, and Epic Hero tokens, while Costume keys and both Atlantis & Valhalla coins bring no choice on where to use, just when to use. That’s often about what is featured, but also when you need them.

Epic Troop Tokens & regular Summon Tokens, but those are a when to use only based on when you need troops, feeders, or to do summons for some reason, there’s no real advantage to timing based on featured heroes/troops.

So the key is really prioritizing all three of those resources, and you want to figure out Challenge coins & EHTs first, as they are limited. The goal is to have a plan. Your plan will likely not be my plan, or anyone else’s plan, but it should make sense generally, and specifically for you.

I prioritized Guardians to get better at Titans, and to get better loot, and it’s worked. I’m rarely scoring an A+ grade in my alliance, due to people with deeper pockets and better summoning luck - there’s somebody where I have literally 1 hero they don’t, and they get HOTM on average every other month, it seems. I get A grades almost all the time, though.

I missed the point about hero space. I spent a lot of gems there, as I’m not a spender, and wanted to be able to efficiently level up heroes with 10 on-color feeders at a time, plus hold trainers for use on 5* heroes late in process to save food. I have what I think most would think is too much room: 192.

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Some of my alliance mates have more. If it works for you, it’s not “too much”. :+1:

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I’m starting to think a yellow stack of Jackal-Malosi-Joon is the perfect Telly counter. Jackal and Malosi are both very fast and will charge in 6 tiles flat if you have lv 11 mana troops (not the easiest to obtain, but still accessible by many). Fire Jackal, then fire Malosi to prevent Telly’s HoT but especially that dreaded mana slow and take out maybe half her health, then fire Joon to finish the job or leave her in a critical state.

Bonus points for being neutral against the most common (cliched even) flanks - GM/JF and Vela.

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One of my alliance mates has over 400. o_O

He’s a big spender but not quite a whale yet (close to 5k so far). But yeah I have 247 and still feel pinched for space, mainly because I stubbornly stick to on-color, 10-at-a-time feeding 90% of the time, so I tend to keep collecting from TCs until I have that complete set of 10 to level up.


My telly-vela killing team is Evelyn Kingston Telly Kunchen kageburado

I want to thank you & Rook for making me feel better.

If what I am guessing is US$5000 doesn’t make someone a whale, I’m flabbergasted. My issue was feeding 10 at a time on color, and hoarding trainers. I currently have 54 trainers, and the 8 Reds are unusable, unless I feed trainers off-color, which seems … wrong.

I should get them thinned out soon, when the 4* and 5* I am working on reach a point that I can finish them with trainers, but I will have a problem after that when I have few heroes left to level. But that’s a long post for another topic.

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There are people who spend tens or even hundreds of thousands on this game, so in comparison, his 5k spending makes him a dolphin lol. (ok fine he can be a dwarf sperm whale :rofl:) Plus it was 5k over 2.5 years, or about $5.5 per day, the cost of a cup of coffee, so not that bad when put into perspective.

And believe me, at one point I hoarded over 50 purple trainers and another 30 2* purple feeders because I was sitting on 3 trap tools and I wanted to max out Rigard in one go soooooooooo very badly. When I finally got that damn trap tool from a titan, I dumped them all into him and got him to 4/70 in about 3 minutes. That felt grand, plus I cleared out over 80 slots in my roster, was quite a day.

Btw there are times I do feed trainers off color, but only when I absolutely need to get a hero maxed asap for war/events. I do make an exception for getting the last 40 levels of 5*s done since the XP and ham cost just becomes absolutely mind boggling.


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