Would love some advice from some of the more experienced players

My current team is cyprian/rigard, mist, telluria, tyr, and Grimm.

I’m relatively new to
The game, only have 2 rings for tyr, and I’m a few tonics away from what I need for telluria.

I have been buying some packs and I’m now at 17,000 gems.

I’ve been reading through the forums and it seems like clarissa keeps getting nerfed every week, so May is getting less interesting for me.

I know gravemaker is coming to next Atlantis, but here’s my dilemma…I don’t even have the ascension materials for 5* heroes. Should I just keep saving my gems for a great event later on when I have more ascension mats?

I just pulled Tyr today and he seems Really good, but I Don’t have the mats I need to split between 2 heroes.

Should I try to summon more in Valhalla? I haven’t gotten Malosi yet.-again no ascension mats

I don’t want to summon a bunch of people who just take more of my 110 hero slots up, it’s pretty much always full already.

Where do I even go from here?

SOS please help🙏

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Well, for starters I’d advise you to use some of that impressive pile of gems to buy more roster space! It was one of the earliest pieces of advice I read when starting out and it has proved good. One day you’re going to want a lot of roster depth for wars etc and you don’t want to regret having eaten a hero you could have used.

But Rule No 1 is don’t start work on 5* straight away. Start with 3* - no, really - they level so quickly and cheaply, you can have two teams’ worth in the time it’d take you to level one legendary.

Someone’s bound to be along shortly with some useful links, so I’ll bow out and let them do that :wink:


I second “buying more slots” (I’m at 135 and it’s a tight squeeze even so).

I’d make at least one full rainbow 3* team (2 couldn’t hurt), then a 4* team(s) before doing a team of 5*…5’s are expensive (you can do two 4* for the price of one 5*)…

The rare quests have two free mats every ten days or so, for those who can complete them. If you can’t do so immediately, you will level up to that point.

As for links, there are a bunch of game links here:

Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides


Thanks for the insight! I have nearly 2 3* teams and a good 4* team too.

I will get some more slots then, but how much?

What else do I spend the gems on? Really I guess what I’m asking is, should I even try to summon for more heroes without the ascension mats? Or just keep waiting for vela to show up in Atlantis? Or for a new event hero to drop and use everything then?

Even if I buy 80 more slots I will still have a good number of gems left. Should I go for
Rigard costume next month? I know gravemaker is a powerhouse, but the chances to get him are low, and I don’t have any desire for atamos or ranvir.

@Rook heard, and appreciated! I will
Definitely do it!

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See edits above. :+1:

Don’t let those gems burn a hole in your pocket, they will keep! Save for good heroes or events (think 4* yellow Guardian Jackal, or 5* purple Guardian Panther—both from Teltoc)

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Note that the cost of the slots goes up the more you buy. I think it’s every two or three buys it goes up 50 gems. I stopped when it reached 150 gems. But I’m VC2P (just above F2P).

General consensus is, without buying them, you can collect enough mats to level one 5* rainbow team per year (that’s one 5* for each colour). But as said above, concentrate on 3* and 4* heroes first to build up a strong, flexible bench for raids and wars.

Not sure how many different heroes you have to take up so many slots already. Once you are ready to start on the 5* you can pretty much only keep 3* heroes you need for the 3* tournaments.

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How many copies of 1 hero should I keep, for example I have 5 boldtusk and 3 mist. @nevarmaor

Why is guardian panther good, I’ve heard guardian gazelle breaks the game, but why guardian panther? @Rook

It depends on the hero. I have 6 BT, 5 Rigard, 6 Melendor, 6 Kiril, and 6 Proteus. Multiple Grimm, Falcon, Jackal, and several others.

My eventual hope is to have at least 6 healers in each color, and enough copies of my strong war hitters to make multiple teams.

Other heros I’m happy to have 1 of because I’m a hero horder and I would like to have at least one of each hero eventually.

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Guardian panther has the ever elusive Dark elemental defense down and she is the only hero that has it. She is superb on yellowntitans with a singular skill set.
One of the most sought after heroes


3 is usually my cap.
Maybe if you need event 3* or 4* more than 3 dupes may be necessary.
Btw clarissa is still going to be very good. You’ll want her.

Being new to the game maxing great 3* and 4* heroes will bring you further than focusing on 5* low leveled and waiting for mats.
When having solid teams of maxed 3* - 4* and maybe some 5* level 60-70 and getting more 4* mats, it is time to max the best Legendarys.
Being a new player it is no rush focusing on them, make sure to keep all best heroes locked to not accidentally using them for fodder if waiting on the bench

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Boldtusk is an excellent hero to keep multiple copies of. I only had one for the longest time. I just recently pulled two of his costume so now I have three (two are 1-1 still). I plan on keeping them all for wars, especially with the new favourite tank being Telluria.

Mist I am not that familiar with. I hear she’s a solid support hero which makes her a good candidate for keeping multiples.

Generally, I would recommend keeping multiples of healing heroes for wars and heroes that provide unique effects. Keep in mind as you move up to 5* heroes you will find you are using some 4* less and less.

Early on I used Boril all the time, at one point he was my defense tank. Now I use him occasionally. Similarly with Cyprian except now I hardly use him at all outside of 4* tournaments. For both though I have never needed more than one.

4* I have multiples of include the healers – Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor, Rigard, Sabina – and the dispellers – Sonya and Caedmon (Melendor and Sabina fit here too). If I had multiple Mist I would probably keep them for wars.

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Voidstrike’s ToS

Very helpful.

Welcome to the game!! :slight_smile:


So much of this.

To put it into perspective, the XP/feeders required to get just one 5* to 2/60, you can get 1.5 3* to 3/50, or one 4* to 3/50. Not to mention the ham cost of leveling 5* is much more expensive than 3* and 4*. So unless you have the mats AND resources to get a 5* to at least 3/70, it really is better to work on building solid rainbow teams of 3* and 4*.

As someone once said, 4* form the backbone of E&P, and at 4/70 (but especially with emblems), you can finish everything in the game with them (yes, even legendary tier of events). And since 4* only cost half as much to level as a 5*, you’ll progress much quicker if you leveled up a rainbow team of 4/70 4s instead of puttering along 5s to 3/70 and then being stuck there for months on end waiting for 4* mats to drop.

Today marks my 100th day in this game, I have 12 maxed 4s and 21 maxed 3s and I’m just starting to feel more comfortable focusing on leveling my 5s. I did make an exception for Telluria since she was just too awesome to not level, but she’s still “only” at 4/40 after 2 months.

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Can you explain why? I just don’t see why she is stil good after her most recent nerfs @OG-Pusha

Still very fast.
Still does DoT.
Still a Hotm.
If you’re just comparing to Gm she may seem slightly underpowered but that still places her in an elite category.
Plus its raffaele the next month and hes actually quite unappealing in current form

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What makes her so undesirable?

Only 135 slots! How can you live with that?!! :smile:

I have over 200 now and if HA is coming later than may :pleading_face: I have to buy another 5 for 300 gems!

At least after HA comes out I will have enough slots for the forseeable future! :rofl:

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