Would like some help building my teams please


I recently started playing. I did drop some cash and got a lot of 3 stars and 4 stars. I would appreciate any help on determining who should be in what teams please. Below is a list of all my heroes (3* & 4* only)

Blue Sonya (Ascend 2, level 12)
Red Scarlett (Ascend 2, level 13)
Yellow Chao (Ascend 2, level 14)
Purple Sabina (Ascend 1, level 40)
Green N/A

Isshtak (Ascend 2, level 26)
Brienne (Ascend 1, level 30)
Berden (Ascend 1, level 30)
Belith (Ascend 1, level 1)

Balthazar (Ascend 2, level 8)
Renfeld (Ascend 1, level 1)

Ulmer (Ascend 2, level 4)
Karil (Ascend 1, level 1)
Valen (Ascend 1, level 1)
Graymane (Ascend 1, level 1)

Hawkmoon (Asend 1, level 30)
Jahangir (Ascend 1, level 30)
Azar (Ascend 1, level 1)
Nashgar (Ascend 1, level 1)

Dawa (Ascend 1, level 1)

I would also like to know what all I should have different teams for.

Thank you for any advice or help.

That’s pretty kewl that you got all of those so quickly.

I would focus on a Scarlet to start with

My main team is (left to right):

Don’t ascend anything below 3*, it’s a wais if time, you will need more than 1 team eventually, but just focus on trying to get the strongest ones levelled up for now, focus on 1 at a time and throw everything at the regardless of colour.

Eventually you can build up teams to fight against different colour Titians, you have at least 2 of the strong colour and don’t take the weak colour, but you need a few more Heroes before you can do that.

Until then, don’t spend your gems, save up 2,600 and Summon 10 epic of elemental and focus on getting your stronghold and at least 1 training camp to level 20, that way you will be able to train for the chance to get 5 and 4 stars.

It’s gonna take a long time to get to a position where you’re really strong, think months, it doesn’t happen quickly unless you throw a lot of money at it

If you get Wu and/or Grimm, keep them and concentrate on levelling them up, then use them for every Titan, they are they key to massive hits, I use them and have got 75k

My stronghold just hit 10, and I converted one forge to a barracks. But I haven’t trained any troops yet.

Should I use my unused 3*s for leveling? I am kind of reluctant to do so. Which is why I have so many of them.


I will remember to keep an eye for them. Thanks.

Depends who else you have, do you have many 4*s?

Just the 4 I listed at the top. Sonya, Scarlett, Chao, and Sabina

There are some that say you that 3* can be very effective, but you’ll get more 4 and 5 stars eventually so I would say use the 3*s to level up Scarlet, then either level up the other 4 stars or wait till you get some other better heroes.

Are you in an Alliance yet?

Don’t be impatient. Work on five heroes with five colors. There’s a 20% xp bonus for using a feeder on a matched-color heroes, and you have a lot of leveling to do. You will get where you want to be 20% faster by sticking with matched-color training.

You have a solid set of 4*. Train them all. Use your green feeders on Brienne, who has a superb attack buff that will improve all your other heroes.

Oh, and resist the temptation to use those 3* as feeders. Alliance Wars calls for 30 heroes. Those unleveled 3* will fill out your roster nicely. You also need 3* heroes to compete in the Beginner Level of monthly challenge events.

A small one. I am one of ht top performers. With only one other person with more cups than me. I have 500ish, he/she has over 1200.

Using the same colour is technically quicker, but if you have a strong character like Scarlet then you benefit more from levelling them up first

I currently have Isshtak as my green in my main team. Should I switch him out for Brienne? She was my main until I got Isshtak.

I’m not a fan of the Alliance war, the teams aren’t matched well and it favours experienced players with lots of heroes

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Let’s agree to disagree. Sabina is also great, and Sonya is no slouch. 20% absolutely makes a difference.

I noticed the same color bonus early on. And have tried to do that as much as I can.

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Yes, once you get Brienne to a respectable level, you’ll really like her impact on your team.