Would Khagan be a better leveler than Gormek for the red slot

As stated in the subject like. Looking for input

I asked something similar and the general consensus seemed to be pro-Gormek.


Khagan isn’t worth the materials to max, while Gormek is worth taking to 4/70 without wasting any real valuable materials.

With wilbur around even Gormek has less appeal now.
But you don’t have to use rings on him soooo… you can give it a shot.

Depends on a lot of factors… khagan is decent but there are better 5* reds. Do you have lots of rings? If not a fully leveled 4* is better than a 3/70 khagan. Do you have other red options? Do you plan on spending money for more opportunities for better heroes or are you more of a free to play kind of player? I used khagan as my first and only 5* red for a while and I liked him, but I only really use him in AW now.

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Gormek at 3^60 has better all-around stat line than Khagan at 2^60. Use Gormek until a brtter red comes along.

Do not use hidden blades on either!

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