Would having Zimkitha and Heimdall in the same defence team work?

Would it screw up the attack boost because they are different? Or would having 2 attack boosters be ok?

I’ve done it for a long time to avoid Heimdall from being burned badly by GM and others. I may replace her when I get more emblems on Glenda. This is my defense that keeps me in diamond, usually over 2650. It works but I wish I had some better heavy/fast or even average hitters that hit more than one. Plus it’s only 5%. I’m more bothered having Heimdall and Zimkitha override my Krampus or cRigard

They are both excellent heroes on defense and they are at varying speeds so i think it would work out in the end.

It’s a good thing to look out for having conflicting ailments/buffs. But sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have constant attack buffs throughout the whole game or defense up even if they overlap here and there. Better than overlapping HoT which sucks when that gets wasted.

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