Would be nice if we could watch our alliance players battle

New players can see how to do combos and how to use their Heroes from other alliance players

Try recording them then sharing them… Start a youtube channel for your alliance if you want or simply use the app Line to share the vids. Try using app ‘DU Recorder’, it’s very popular and easy to use. You guys will have a lot of fun… It’s good to share, even when things don’t go so well, you’ll learn something either way…


Thank you…im trying to get the bulk of them on discord

How does DU Recorder work? Meaning, do I have to upload videos to YouTube and then post link? Or, do I just record and can post the file on the forum, or on Line, etc?

And for technology fearing tinfoil hat wearers, how much access does the app have to my phone beyond its screen recording capabilities?

(Looked for thread on DU Recorder, this was closest I could find. Mods, please merge if it’s out the)

I’d be happy with just being able to see what specific damage was done on each hit (before/after health of defender). Right now we just get a point count. Would be useful for alliance leader to see what people are doing.

“how to do combos”


That post is from last May. I’m guessing OP has figured out good ordering of specials in the interim. But watching good players play is always instructive. I feel very solid in my tactics, and I still really enjoy the videos from #FightingFamiliarNames.

Lol. To each their own I guess.


Spectator view would be nice.
But an international alliance with 24hrs to use flags… you’d be lucky to even see an online alliance member fight.

Yes i agree, but practically beneficial?

Maybe I should have started a new thread.

DU Recorder requires access to your media files at the very least, I believe contacts as well… I’m not 100% sure. As for how it works, you basically open the app and hit the record button, it will proceed to record all of your actions on your screen. Simply hit the stop icon to stop recording. This will create a new video file on your phone library. You can share this file directly into Line, as long as it doesn’t exceed 5 mins I believe.

In order to share such file in this forum, you’d have upload it to YouTube, then copy and paste the link here. That’s the basic idea of it all. DU Recorder has far more intricate capabilities for adding music, speeding up the video and even adding some special effects among other features…

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Nope. You’re fine. It’s actually topical to addressing the OP’s issue, at least to my eye :slight_smile:

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