Would an all purple or all yellow team work against all titans?

Just curious…

All purple will give 2x against yellow titans and 1x against all other titans. 5 purples give enormous tile damage. Maybe all purple must not be complete all purple because of wu kong… (my all purple is Rigard, Panther, Sartana, Merlin and Proteus)

All yellow will of cours include wu kong. In my case i’m adding Delilah, Rana, Jackal and Vivica/Li Xiu
Will give 2x against purple off course and 1x against all other titans…

Would this be the best strategy? :smiley:

No it would not be the best strategy.

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Yes Why Not, if you have jackal and give him and Wu Mana at the beginning

Stacking purple vs yellow and stacking yellow vs purple are the best strategies yes, but stacking them vs green, blue, and red is not.


Gravemaker and Zeline beg to differ.

It will be risky (“bad” boards) but if you somehow miss heroes of other colors then I guess use it. Since you said all titans: 11*+ titans will kill rather quickly your 4* heroes.

If you can take Tornadoes, Timestops, mana and one other of your choice. Use the mana before making your first move.

i did this 105k titan damage with an all yellow

Depends also on how leveled your heroes are. Your strongest team that is off color might make more damage than the right color (opposite of the titan), if the right color team is not leveled enough.

If all heroes are leveled, then you could also experiment with a 4+1 team, 4 right color heroes + Wu.

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This is a very difficult question to have a one size fits all answer. Color stacking agenst an opposite color titan definitely has advantages and disadvantages.

For the advantages of course you have big damage when you do match the color you need, in your example that would be purple. You also have elemental link that encourages color stacking.

The huge drawback is the randomness of the board. You are in trouble if you don’t draw enough purples to do anything. Now this can be negated somewhat by bringing battle items such as a tornado, hourglass, Mana pots, etc. But this can get quite expensive to do often. Also due to the random nature of the board I have noticed with the same exact team in the same exact titan, you may get 60k damage one attack and 9k another.

Another stratagy is to stack just one or two heros. For example if you are fighting a red titan. Green hero damage is weaker agenst this color and the titan will hit your green heroes harder. In this case some olauers will drop the green hero and take another blue. This alleviates the color I’m balance, while at the same time is not locking out 4 other colors if you where to stack a mono blue team. While it will be more difficult to get really high score it is unlikely to get really low scores in general.

Just remember the is no guarantee on anything when random variables are involved so you just have to kinda try and lower the probability of undesired outcomes.