Would Aeron be even better usable then Boldtusk?

Just asking… have Aeron, have Boldtusk 4-40 (needs another week).

When having Aeron leveled to … would it be better to skip BT or is BT the better one (on the list of heroes BT gets an A, would Aeron become A+?

I’m curious. Since he heals and is fast, can you put a nice atacker next to him? Or is he to be ignored?
Like your opinion :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

Just took me 50 calls to get him so i sure hope you’re appreciating him. If BT is better, so be it … :slight_smile:

I put s lot of summons in for Aeron. I really wanted him.

But I would finish leveling BT first. He is super useful in Titan, AW and many other places.

I love Areon because he is a purple healer and gives me more options from my hero pool. I see BT as radically different. Are is almost 100% defensive, while BT’s attack buff makes him a bunch offensive. At least that is how I use BT and how I think I will use Areon.

No buff. (Just light)
No defence debuff.
No mana control.

Response: only raids/AW.

Here are the final forms of both heroes:

They are different. Do you need a status ailment cure? Aeron. Do you want an attack bonus to all heroes? Boldtusk. I’m wondering, why not both? :wink:


Throw in a few heavy hitters and your good to go!

So would be nice experimenting using both in combination with a nice Tank and 2 hitters on both far sides?

FI Marjana/Zeline/Sonya/Caedmon, BT, TANK, Aeron, Sartana/Grimm/… or Wu…

Or could Aeron even be used as a tank?