Would a rainbow team with just healers be unbeatable?

Fully upgraded
BT, Delilah, Aeron, Meleon?, Kiril

Would be very difficult to defeat i think…

Hard, yea. But not unbeatable. Just strategize and use couple healers as well plus a defense dropper and couple hitters, it’s no problem but will probably go into overtime which i usually win if overtime kicks in anyways

It could be weak against stacked colors as they can’t pose a high treath to attackers.

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A good strategist might go in with hard hitting fast mana heroes and pick you apart one by one…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Healers are way so important in this game. A healer should not work as a tank in the first place. Only in this game I see this.

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Jackal/Joon + a dispeller, a debuffer and a healer breaks that team like a twig.



Shoot, I bet you can clean them out with just Zeline / Wu / BT

3+ healers on raid defense is a free win; seriously it’s nearly impossible to lose because there’s just no threat there… assuming equivalent development teams.

Bring one healer maybe two and they will never kill you, and then as stated above you just charge up multiple specials and pick them off one by one. It’s annoying, but it’s not a good defense, not at all.

AW it’s more appropriate because you have the revenge bar, but since that’s been reduced by a lot all healers is not optimal in the early rounds or in the later rounds against top opponents, but you can have a higher healer to hitter ratio and still be effective.


AW healers are no joke because of the revenge arrows and bad boards. I’ve experienced a serious disadvantage lately by stacking colors cause the game won’t create those tiles. Highly annoying, I’ve tried to advocate for a more balanced board but it seems like the devs like the boards to get be pure luck.

Sometimes you get lucky and destroy in like three moves and other times you kill no one.

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It wouldnt be unbeatable. But would be annoying. I’ve used the mel, sabina, bt, kiril, rigard set up, and did notice a drop in attacks. So it does increase rerolls but that’s about it. I did it just for laughs, was surprised in my drop rate of attacks, left it that way bout a week. Went from getting raided an average of 5 times a day to about twice a day, sometimes 3 times. Might do it again soon and record the data

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You’ve gotta set Guinevere as tank. And you’d want Alberich and Ares. After that, anything’s possible.

I’d say, Alberich, Ares, Guinevere, Aeron, and Delilah would be the best all-healer team. And yes, it would be an absolute beast.

(As a bit of an aside, I’m not sure if Ares’ buffs affect Delilah’s minions, but if so, you’d want to flip Aeron and Ares.)

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I love seeing heavy healer teams - a group of fast mana snipers is an easy cure (see what I did there) for this ailment. They simply can’t inflict enough damage. And if they bring a few snipers of their own. Still no problem, pick them off first as you pummel the healers preventing them (the snipers) from building mana off tile hits.


In beta it did - critical hits from minions increased significantly with Ares buff active

Using one Perseus and one Grimm with some Tusk/Healers support to wipe out tanky/healers builds easily.

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See above replies

In addition

Melendor very high attack stat with low defense stat works best boosting board damage or Wu Kong’s board damage but defense teams don’t get board combos/ cascades. Melendor ‘s dispelling doesn’t even help the revenge bar since it bypasses defense buffs. Kiril ‘s buff doesn’t help Melendor ‘s defense since Kiril ‘s Special is so short. Piercing Strike or Emerald Flash would be better.

Boldtusk/ Kiril specials also works best boosting board damage or Wu Kong’s board damage but defense teams don’t get board combos/ cascades. A defense debuffer would be better.

Aeron works better with 1- 2 other purples like Rigard/ Sabina and Tiburtus. Cleanse healers in the corner are also a pain but if you put Aeron in a corner you lose most of Aeron’s special since it’s most powerful effects are nearby allies not all allies.

Just some random raid played right now, 3440 team from what i have vs 4040 tanky team with Alby and Ares:


And video, sadly not full due to insufficient disk space, but 4 of 5 heroes survived (They killed Grimm. Bastards).

It’s not AW, but there great difference in power and bad field at start. It’s not fully healers, but it would be peace of cake without Hel and Musashi.

Got wrecked on beta.

Not enough pew pew for a raid defense as I mentioned earlier.

Doesn’t matter where you slot Delilah vs. Ares, D’s minions affect all and Ares’ buff is on flanks… wherever they overlap they work.

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Thank you for sharing an actual real world case for discussion. Real world testing is always very important ( see zeno’s paradoxes )

Your opponent does not have a great set up.

Better would be:

Alberich- healers are harder to get out of a corner, they got that right. But if the attacker gets a huge combo, it will charge all five defenders, who then fire left to right. Alberich in left corner revives them then Ares buffs them. Here Ares buff has already gone off when Alberich in the right corner revives them.

Ares- Not ideal placement as Alberich is is weak versus red and Ares is not blue. But Ares helps protect Alberich ( corner healer ) and Richard ( center ). Ares 741 max defense much less than Richard’s 817 max defense plus Ares best effect are spread out over 4 turns after his special triggers while Richards immediately attack debuff lasts a really long 6 turns unless the enemy cleanses it. Putting Ares in the center kills him before he can charge up his special and if revived allows him to be killed again before he can fully heal up.

Richard- A tank with an insane defense stat, a splash damage attack, an a really long 6 turn enemy attack debuff that charges really fast in the center position. Why the heck is he in the left corner and not in the center or at least the flank?

Hel- slightly better defense and Hp than Musashi. Only swapping because of Alberich/ Areas in left corner and left flank.

Musashi- Musashi is really wasted on defense. His insane attack stat works best with another yellow ( looking at you glass cannon Wu Kong or tank Guinevere ) versus a Purple boss/ titan or when triggering a board combo/ cascade. Something the Devs took into account with his healing. But raid defense ( and war defense ) does not allow board combos/ cascades so all his biggest strengths are wasted.

Musa’s best placed next to Ares so that his multi-target hit benefits from both Ares crit and attack buff.

Ares best defense position is indeed tank. He is a top 3 tank (With Guin and Hel). Ares is wasted on the flank.

In this defense, best positions are for Abli on left corner, Ares tank flanked by Hel and Musa. Musa bc he’s fast and Hel bc she’s awesome and wasted in the corner. Richard is really only left with corner. A fast 70 might be better there.

But yes, Musa without being next to Ares is meh.

SG has put in a self-limiting factor on these 5* all-healer teams: most use Healing Over Time. You can put Alberich, Ares, Aeron and Guinevere on a team, but only one of their healing effects can be active on any hero at a time. One reason why I’m leveling up Delilah ahead of Guinevere is precisely because of this overlap.