Worthwhile quests?


So I was searching on which quests are actually worth doing:

  1. Recruit Quests - 1st level
  2. Gem quests
  3. Quests with tokens as loot
  4. Rare quests
  5. Events
  6. XP quests
  7. Any quest level, up to 6 flags for xp only

To me all other quests you are better off just farming the map.

I have seen the quest breakdowns etc, just need your thoughts as well.

Much appreciated

Quests with 3/4/6 worldenergy have the best xp/flag ratio if you‘re searching for XP🤗


What about the higher flags levels?

Okay seems quests that use upto 6 flags are best for xp, but not more than this. I will add it

And Im not quite sure but Battle Items II gave 2-3 bombs when i recall correctly. Thats 66-99k iron. Its a pretty good deal.

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I’ve got my list of quests I do/don’t do, generally based on whether my flags are better spent farming:


  1. Recruits I/1
  2. Recruits II/1
  3. Recruits II/2,3 if there is an epic troop token hidden at the end.
  4. All Rare questions (for ascension items)
  5. All Gem quests
  6. Scavenge Resources, Food, Iron (for resources, XP, and the silver daily feeder token)
  7. XP Quest.
  8. Stage 1 of Crafting Items and Battle Items, if I’m filling a monster chest. (I think stage 1 of any quest but XP is good while filling a monster chest, now that I look at it.)
  9. Crafting Items I was on my list to do, but I always seem to forget it…

My generally don’t do list included:

  1. Stages 2-3 of Battle Items I
  2. Stages 2-3 of Battle Items II (Might be worth it for the Axes?)
  3. Stages 2-3 of Crafting Items II (Unless I am running low on those ingredients)
  4. Stages 2-3 of Find Recruits I
  5. Stages 2-3 of Find Recruits II when there’s no epic troop token.

I think it comes down to which items you need from these quests. Don’t get too hung up on the EXP value: levels don’t contribute a whole lot to your overall strength.

Rare quests: do them all if you can! These are arguably the best sources of ascension items in the game.

Gem quests: yes, if you value gems (who doesn’t?)

Recruits I & II: once you have TC20 you will be doing all of these. Heck, even if you’re dedicated to TC13, these are great. Recruits II also used to have an epic troop token as a hidden reward, but based on the last 6 iterations this has been axed. Maybe it’ll come back some time.

Battle items II: sometimes has a raid flask posted on the 3rd stage, but that also used to be a hidden reward. I generally do it just to check.

Crafting items I & II: some of these ingredients will start to be in short supply as you become more dedicated to titan attacks, and crafting battle items. Watch for those metal ores, hardwood lumber, and crypt mushrooms.


I’m addicted to delicious crypt mushrooms…


Lately, Battle Items II has become an always do quest for me as it seems to permanently have a raid flask and a super mana, both of which I want.

I’ve also scaled back in many of the others I used to do as I’m farming more for backpacks than recruits these days.


Yes, Battle Items 2 got a lot of Raid flasks lately. I think it’s permanent now, whereas before it was 50/50? I do it always when it has the flask.

For me, all Rare Quests are a must. If you can finish them then do so, the best place to get ascension mats. Recruits II, especially if one of your alliance mates has reported it has a troop token. Gems are good! Other than that, as you feel is needed.

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