Worthwhile prize at the end of the story mission

It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to complete the story mission. And every person I have chatted with who completed it have had one complaint: “it wasn’t really worth it because there was no big prize at the end.”

Having no special gift seems a bit… unfair.

Here are some suggestions for gifts that could be given after defeating the final monster the first, and only the first, time:

  • Exclusive 5* hero, with the special, additional benefit of allowing the person to choose/change the hero’s element for each battle.
  • Allow a member to receive a summon token and troop summon token for a guaranteed 5* hero and 4* troop of their element of choice. (Are there 5* troops? I have never seen one.)
  • Hero of the Month
  • Let the person handpick any 5* hero.

What I suggest not be given is a bunch of gems.


I agree that it is a big disappointment to get nothing from completing the story, however I don’t feel it needs to be anything as extravagant as you have suggested. An Epic Troop/Hero token would be perfect.


Maybe they will do something different for season 2.


Personally, I would like a special prize the first time I complete a province. The increase to watchtower production at the end of each province is a let down.


Good idea. Perhaps a mission chest (like the Wanted Monsters/Heroes/Titans) for completing a province the first time, and then a Fire Chest at the completion? Easy to add and not unbalancing.


And make it retroactive please, I finished months ago.

Naturally. That would be greatly unfair to many, many people if it was not done this way.

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Agree there should be some form of reward, but think your proposal is too extravagant.

I’m thinking more a choice of a couple of ascension items out of a selection of 3* and 4* items, with Epic Hero and Troop Token, and maybe a shedload of Crafting resources (to refund a bit on the spend to get there).

A final boss card could be interesting. I think it will spice up quest/raid/titan. and it also will be the proof that you 've conquered the maps.

I’m not sure that I understand “card”. Do you mean a hero? Even something as simple as an avatar would be a nice little gesture.


Yes, a hero. as in, we acquire the final boss that we defeated in the last stage as a hero. Like that guardians thingy. They don’t have to make his stats too high and I think a 4* will suffice, but make a unique and cool special like Alby.



I can understand why you would think that, but that is the point. We are not talking other extremes such as defeating a 7* Titan since, even if you do, another will come along. You play through the entire story; it takes months for many people, and you can only do it once. I believe that deserves an extra-special award since you will only be able to ever receive it once.

I have been playing this game heavily for many months (one training maxed and running for weeks, another close to maxed with the third over half way, one maxed forge and the other two near-maxed out… you get the point) have spent either 1,800 or 2,100 gems and have gotten nothing but but 3* from those summons. I have yet to get a single 5* while at least three in my alliance who have been 2/3rds as long have three or four 5* already.

It would just be nice, similar to how quests work, to have some sort of big guarantee prize at the end.