Worth spending gems on RedHood Event Summon? 3 legos and 2 epics ANSWER: got RedHood from first single pull. RANDOM IS RANDOM :)))


Lolz. Foxies minions stack up :slight_smile: Shes great. I have to get her 5/80 asap :slight_smile:


1 very slow + 2 slow beside? I would advise against it.

Boss Wolf is just too slow to be useful in raid defense, period (at least in diamond). Justice is also not very good. I think you are referring to Isarnia as other flank?

I have her as my raid defense tank, but only because I don’t have better supporting cast for Gravemaker.

If you get Boss Wolf, I would use fast 4* as flanks over Justice & Isarnia :wink: (or just use one of those as tank… hehe)

Anyway, congrats, @Boolz! I would stop summoning, too :slight_smile:


There are several threads discussing Aegir, so please read about him there. In short, he’s fine but below expectations.


Close to random the algorithm might be, but the flow rate with each 300 gem pull is 5% for legendary.


Actually the chance of a 5* event hero is 1%. With three 5* heroes the chance of pulling red hood is 0.33%


Read careful.
I said “Inari” not Isarnia, which is a hero you probably don’t know yet.

She is yellow, average speed with the skill of dodging specials and gain minions everytime she dodge (actually).
Combine it with Justice Blind effect and that people double/triple stack yellow against Boss Wolf, and if one of them manage to shot at least one it could be really turn bad for the attacker.

For now the dodge of inari is 66% of success, add it 35% blind of Justice and you almost avoid anything.

What’s more the minions she summon every turn attack and provide mana, and they actually stuck.
So she turn using your special in a nightmare, because if they fail you actually are much worse then before.


1/300 chance? i’ll take it :smiley:

Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing

Thanks for clarifying. She should be interesting! :slight_smile:


This is a sham, I used a 10 pull and got 10 3 star dupes. Will.not spend a penny more on this game after this



I feel sorry for you. I spend 800 gems and got only 4x3* dopes. I think the probabilities were lowered since they had revelead the odds. Buying gems is like throwing you money through the window. I dont fool yourself, everyone is buying the games in order to get better hero.

Legendary Hero where are u

I was seekng this post and it did give me courage to go summon
Last time Riding hood came around i went way over my budget for a chance at her or one event 5*, boss or rumple. I ended with 5 hansel 5 gretel

I was stressed out and money short and i learned not to go over my budget again.
This time i had 3500 gems and chose to go on single pulls instead of 10x
Seeing this thread kinda gave me a push to spend the gems now instead of waiting for Atlantis.
Even though i knew it was 0.33% chance i gave it a shot as long as i would only spend the 3500 gems, and it is like heaven she suddenly appears on 300 gems, giving me comfort and “justifying” for the amount I spent (in my mind)
Just pure casino luck i know

I had 3 ally buddies who suicided their accounts feeding everyone to a 2* hero and they did it because they spent a year worth of salaries trying for a Guinever and she didnt show up
And they got broke and in big trouble
My advice is to stick to your monthly budget!
Good gaming everyone


I got really lucky I guess, depends on how ya look at it…I got everyone but Red Hood Plus an Aegir…Hope she comes around again sooner rather than later


Used all my gems trying to get her. (only worth 3 single pulls) Ended up getting Renfeld, Colen and Gretel; the first two are repeats.

Definitely would of prefered Hansel over Gretel, since I have better offense team Holy heroes already and sincd he’s better in general imo, but I’m still happy to have her. I actually haven’t even defeated the dark lord yet, (Over prioritizing other parts of the game) and I bet Gretel will be great for that fight aswell as dark titans.

I’ll be trying next time fables comes around to get Red though


I’ve maxed gretel last month when I got nothing else to do and she is doing great in my yellow mono raid team and finally I can ditch wukong.

Today I used her to replay dark lord and she’s been really good. I replay three more times because its so satisfying,lol. Definitely suited for that level. My original line up including viv but I think gretel did better than viv there.


So they got salty that they didint hey guin and threw away everything?


Literally, too much spending and too little rewards
It did hurt to see them feeding everything away + good friends leaving the alliance
I know the ‘chance’ to get a specific 5* is never guaranteed even if you go all in, been there too :frowning:
Livin n’ learning, keep your budget and play with it :love_you_gesture:


Glad to here it! Im gonna have to play around with her to see her full potential first. I think I might end up bringing both Gretel and Viv to that to that fight instead of any Dark heroes since im really comfy fighting with Viv in my team.


@Boolz!!! YEEEESSSSSSSS!!! RED! WOW WOW. That is one of the best feelings ever (well kinda)! Congrats. She is obviously going to quickly become your center piece :heart_eyes:


@Razor Thank you!!! Was very exciting and stunning to pull the golden ticket first shot. What could anyone want more, right? :))
For sure she will be THE QUEEN for a long time :smiley:

P.S. Thats why we play this game. For excitement without investing money :wink: