Worth pulling next Atlantis?

Hello folks,

In regards of this months upcoming Atlantis event ( the second, not the current) I was wondering if it is still worth pulling there. While I wouldn’t normally pull at Atlantis anymore, not because i have most S2 heroes yet but because S4 heroes probably outclass most of them and I dont have them either, Miki and Tarlak will be available and featured

My current plan was to go All-In at Atlantis and summon around 40 times as the chances for Miki (0,325%) won’t get any higher ( i reckon?). Together with the same chance to get tarlak ( semi -consolation wise) it’s 0,65%. This requires around 2 months of saving gems as i’m c2p.

In my sense of valuation, this small yet rare chance to get miki is preferable over all these pulls being made in S4 portal (or ninja, or starfall or whatever).
The point that makes me doubt most is that i am in no position whatsoever to be hunting one special hero, as my roaster is very thin despite my level 72 ( guess im just unlucky but thats ok). Might be wiser to summon in S4 portal for example, as more useful heroes can pop up there.

What do you guys say? If anyone has ever been in a similar situation please feel free to share your thought process. Any opinions are welcome and appreciated.


I think a slightly higher probability of pulling Miki being rare as this… I would save my summons for a shot at Miki.

I haven’t actively tried to do Atlantis summons in over a year or so… but I will when Miki is featured.

But if I don’t get Miki next Atlantis… c’est la vie. Just gotta roll with the RNG.


in my opinion, if you’re going to summon 40 times, it is worth saving up and trying. the odds are low, sure; but Miki and Tarlak are both very interesting for you indeed. And Tarlak/Miki being featured is less frequent than the S4 / Starfall / ninja…

sure, S4 heroes tend to be a bit stronger. But you can still get a ton of free summons from completing it - and the portal will be available every month. Sure, Tarlak/Miki are available every 2 months from ToL but with lower odds…

I say go for Atlantis - with hopes but not expectations if you know what I mean :wink:


I believe the is the LAST time Miki will be featured in Atlantis. I suppose he’ll be featured in the Tavern at some point, but that’s not exactly tempting. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for lightning to strike in HA10… With Miki having become a “core” hero that everyone is expected to have, it would be nice to have a reasonable way to get him. So, I’m saving up pulls for the end of the month. Hopefully I can get one of the two.


Do consider which day you will go all in with pulls- that Atlantis will cross into July giving you a chance at Devana. Perhaps preferable if you’re looking for a chance at a yellow 5* instead of Elradir this month.

EDIT: I’m wrong. That Atlantis ends June 30. No crossing into July. Thanks to @phantomsite for correction.


that is a good hint, ty! i wasnt thining about that.

well, my maxed green 5* are lianna and horghall :rofl: about 20 tonics waiting for something green

but after elradir is pulled i’ll continue in july for devana thats for sure now :smiley:


How do you acquire 14000 gems in 2 months as c2p?


The next Atlantis ends in June 30. You won’t be able to pull July HOTM.


You’re totally correct. :persevere: mea culpa. I was mistakenly looking at May and this Atlantis that crossed betwee Yang Mai and Elradir. Sorry!!!

You don’t.
I guess we all have a different opinion on c2p

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Absolutely worth it.
I am full of hope of getting Miki this time around, with my 3 pulls :joy: worth of coins saved up.
But in all seriousness unless they plan on bringing a similar hero to Miki/ Tarlak as a new HOTM no c2p or new players (exluding new whales) will ever have a chance of competing in Legendary events.

I’ll add my vote to try for Miki. When it comes to titans Miki is best hands down. Also, Season 2 heroes are still viable so even if you end up with other S2 heroes and not Miki you still come out ahead. Especially since it sounds like you don’t have very many. You’ll have a chance at the other heroes in other events. But Miki will get harder to obtain after this point.

Id go for Miki or any of the other large +Atk heroes.

With the new Mystic Titans, I use Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir and Wu.

Who is Miki? I’ve never heard of that hero

Test the RNG with daily summon portal coins first.

Usually toward the end of the event and when test show high chances

Do it regularly during the day.

If you manage to get 3 (preferably 2 star) troops in a row from the daily summon portal then do your Atlantis summons.

It may be just me but this way I got Margaret (was featured in Atlantis), Yang Mai, and this month Elradir with only couple of Atlantis coins collected from Atlantis raising.

Thanks for the tip I’ve been after Mr Miki to replace Wu and his broken accuracy stat! I’ll be pulling during Atlantis too!
Wonder why we got 2 Atlantis this month and if it’ll last?

Events are now every four weeks instead of every calendar month, so everything moves earlier and earlier from one month to the next until it meets itself :grinning:

I only need Ursena to have all 5*s from Atlantis :joy:

Yeah so crappy as I have been saving up for this next Atlantis Rising and was aiming for the July HoTM. Now it’s just a couple of days before July :frowning:

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