Worth leveling a second wu kong

If you have been participating in the Regular events, you’ll find that you have at least 3 fairly solid teams and partial teams in addition. Getting up to 5 teams should not be much of a stretch. Sure, they may not be the strongest teams on the planet, but remember that everyone is in the same boat on this or nearly everyone.

When I started playing the game, I started out by saving one of every hero 3 star and up. As time progressed and I did some 10 x summons for events etc, I I would save up copies of the heroes when they came up and then use them to raise the power of the originals. yes, this took forever, but I wasn’t really using the heroes and had my main group. Over time, I ended up developing a broad number of heroes. Now as Alliance wars approaches, I find myself with enough heroes to make at least 5 solid teams of Heroes.

For those who go the cashless or nearly cashless route, you can do nearly the same thing with your Training grounds. As you summon a copy of a hero you have, mark it as a favorite and when you get enough copies, use them to raise the power of the original you had saved. Yes, this takes time, but it is the smart way to go.

I hope this helps.


I’d have to dissagree

I’ve been playing for 4 months and I have 1 solid team with 4 heroes to swap in.

An average player who does daily farming and doesn’t have TC 19 it would take 4-5 days to fully level a 3 star,

It will be an extremely boring game if all you’re doing is leveling heroes, and since I’m a beta tester, let me tell you now, rewards are not that great

I don’t think that Alliance wars is something intended for people new to the game. I think it is being designed more with the longer term players in mind. It does take time to form that many heroes. One of the things that I do like about this game is the grind and how tough it is to actually advance. If it was instant, I would lose interest quickly.

I think nearly all players will be able to participate to some degree and it will be yet another long term goal for all players. Something to look forward to after achieving some of the short term goals. I think that’s a solid plan. You cannot have everything right away. There must be short, medium, and long term goals goals for the game to be successful over the long term.


It would be good if the alliances with the higher score would require 30 heroes and less heroes are required as alliance score goes down

Because 30 heroes is extremely unfair for people that only played a couple months

What we know from Beta is still a work in progress, so nothing is written in stone.

First of all we have to assume that alliance matching will be done properly. (How I dont know)
That would mean that alliances of similar strength would face off against eachother. That would eliminate the “unfairness”.

Secondly we dont know how the final loot distribution will look like. Based on current Beta, sure, loot isnt overwhelming. But that will likeöy change.

Third and last, this kind of discussion should kept in the Beta-forum. Before it is released there is no point in speculating and starting rumors or drum up negativity surrounding new features.


@Fledoble, if you would’ve started with your third, you wouldn’t have had to speculate about matching or loot.

Once again you are correct, very sharp indeed. Keep on swinging :slight_smile:

This is not a terrible Idea. I am unsure how difficult it would be to implement, but other events have three levels why not this one?

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What is known so far is solely from Beta, which had more questions than answers as I recall.

We might all be better served to wait a short while and see what it really is like. Then we can all comment on it. :grin:

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And how have we wandered so far from discussing Wu Kong?


Bless you Kerridoc!

TOPIC: Is it worth leveling a second WuKong?

With impending AW, it appears to make sense to level another Wu Kong. Especially if you’re awash in orbs.

If you don’t have a decent 2nd or 3rd holy, Having a second would be just fine. You can alt his gambler between the two and his tile damage is very decent.

Best of luck on your choice.

Second WU Kong, yay or nay?

I sort of want to for AW to go 3 of strong color and then a WU Kong as wild card.

Yes. Times 20 …

I have 3 Wu Kong. One is at LV70 + TG16.
Other 2 WK are untrained. Right now training Chao. When I’m done with Chao I’ll start training my 2nd Wu Kong, and look, I have an untrained Justice. I’ll surely train 2o WK over Justice. After my #2 WK gets to LV70, only then I’ll start training Justice.
Chao is quite important for me as I don’t have a good holy team. Specially poor against dark Titans. WK+Chao+Lady Woolerton+Magni+Elena makes a reasonable Titan hunting to slay dark titans.
I try my darndest not to train more than one hero of each color at a time.

Why Magni instead of Kiril/BT/C.Rigard?

Magni is an awesome sniper. I think having LW as a healer of the right color better than Kiril.
Remember I’m talking only about the setup to hit dark titans.
To hit red Titans I use WK,Magni,Kiril,Magni,Sonya.
I have 2 Magni, one at Lv80, one almost at Lv70 (then will be stuck for ascension materials for a while).
Do you think Kiril attack boost is worth having it in the wrong color ?
When I joined my current alliance, only then I got the tip to use WK, it was night and day.
I can’t wait to have 3 WK at Lv70. Will be of huge help for alliance wars.

While I agree than Magni is good, I do not agree than he is good on dark titan. I would better take another holy or attack buffer.

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