Worth leveling a second wu kong

Just pulled him again and I have a bunch of orbs I can use so wondering if there are any pros to raising him

The comments and hints made by beta testers about Alliance Wars suggest that a second or even maybe a third might be useful for them, as apparently a given hero can only be used once in them but there will be multiple combats. I can’t think of any other reason currently ingame to level a second one to be honest.


what about the 30 different heroes in the wars I hope it’s a joke … because then the wars will be played by a few, with how difficult it is to get climbing materials to have 30 heroes … I have 7 heroes of 4 * pending promotion, could ascend to 2 of them because I have only 2 gloves and 2 compasses but what happens, of those 7, I’m waiting to get another nature or fire to really know who to upload, because what it costs to get materials as to make wrong decisions. I lie … in short, wars with 30 heroes seems crazy to me

As far as I know it’s not mandatory in order to play, but you will need 30 heroes for OPTIMAL play as you can only use a hero once during six…raids/battles? I probably have enough three to five star heroes to cover four or five teams, but only about nine of them are 2nd tier and above. I think being able to contribute in some way is the point.


Having 30 is an advantage not a necessity, and sometimes having few stronger is better then many weak.
And if the matchmaking works as it suppose to work, you have to deal with players with a team composition similar then yours.

Stay assured, SG are working to make this new feature enjoyable to all.

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Almost everyone will be going the strong / weak route. I’m leveling a bunch of stuff I never thought I’d use to 60, but very very few of those will go to 70: really only purple because I haven’t done many of those and I’ve been blessed with copious trap tools.

I am keeping recent Wu dupes for downlevel AW attack teams, though I don’t know if 70 is in the cards for them. Orbs aren’t silly common for me anyway.

I’ve been hoarding and leveling dupe 4* heroes of value (Boldtusk, for example) to 3/60 for AW. Only the top tier though based on how I play. I won’t be leveling a 2nd Cyprian, for example (unless I have tons of time and room, which I don’t :))

30x heros doesnt have to mean 30x fully ascended 4*/5* heros.

A fully ascended 3* (which requires no unfarmable materias) will work just as fine from an Alliance Wars optimization perspective.

A 4* at 3.40 is much stronger than a maxed 3* (and doesn’t require unfarmable materials either).

That is very true.
But assuming a lack of 4*/5* to bring to 3-60, filling out the ranks with maxed 3*s isnt a terrible idea.

Just pointing that out :slight_smile:


So I have about 10 useful heros and have been focusing on my top 5. I’ve arranged them so you can see all of the useful ones that I have.

I’ve been solely focusing on my first team and I have enough ascension materials to get Sabina and Cademon to max. Should I do a few random epic summons to start getting some depth and leveling them? As you can see, I haven’t started to feed Oberon yet as I’ve been focusing on Sabina.

As always, summoning costs gems and that’s always up to the individual player.

I can’t afford it. If you can, good on you! :slight_smile:

Always use Elemental, not Epic, Summons. Odds of pulling something of quality are higher.

Sabina and Caedmon are solid heroes that will serve you well. Ascend them.

I would stop work on Natalya and shift to Scarlett. Scarlett at 3/60 will be useful, while Natalya at 2/60 isn’t really. Scarlett at 4/70 will be very solid, far better than Natalya at 3/70. When you have 4 mystic rings in hand, then start work on Natalya.

  • this is an example of a general piece of advice: build a 4* team before you start work on 5*. 5* require much, much more ascension mats, feeders, and ham, sometimes for questionable returns.

You would do well, I think, to do some elemental summons in yellow and blue. Wu is amazing in his role, but I’m not always happy bringing alone his uncertainty. Sonya is okay, but she duplicates Caedmon. Grimm or Kiril would be a nice addition to your team.


That’s totally up to you! I have about the same as you with a few extra 4s, but I don’t have the SH/ham/iron levels to speedily level them, and what ££ I’ve spent so far is more than enough so I probably won’t contribute further to SGs budget any time soon. :smile: Like @Rook said, if you have the money to afford the summons and food to level them, go for it; but I do think a lot of people are in the same boat as you, and I’m sure SG has somewhat taken that into account.

I say “somewhat” because they’re still asking for 30 separate heroes for the dang wars, and they know that the only way some of us can get that far is dropping more coins. They truly want us to have fun, but the end game will always be making a profit!

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I’m going to use this opportunity to make a Layla and use her as my figurehead during AW :grin:

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I bought the dwarven gemstones so I have 3,300 gems currently. I was saving them for the event, but if it truly is pirates, then I’m not going to bother. I can throw some gems at blue next time it comes up to see if I can improve on Sonya. Instead of summoning for holy, I’d rather focus on Wu Kong and level him up as far as I can take him as I’m in a titan hunter clan. Once I max him out, hopefully the March event will be here and I can try for a holy from there. In the mean time, I’ll switch to leveling Scarlett as I do have the ascension materials to bring her to level 3. I only have 1 blade, so I’ll be stuck there for a while.

As always, thanks for the tips! I wish I knew about this forum 2 months ago as it would have helped me avoid some “stupid mistakes”.


Good strategy. Jackal is a great Titan hunter, and March’s HotM will be Holy. One lucky summons could bring you both!


…while 13 unlucky summons could bring you neither.

Can i call you sunshine?
Pretty please? * 3 *

Good luck! Remember it’s a spin of the wheel. Don’t spin if you’re not sure you want to. :wink:

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