Worst Update Empires and Puzzles has released v30 #nospend

The problem with hotm is quite simple to solve.For example, we take 2 hotm as a team. 1 of them turns into a random other hotm. Then it makes sense to elevate the hotm doubles. I think it would be good for everyone.

not for me and my alliance and probly many players , i can generate *2 / *3 Troop as feeder to get Lv30 Troop faster , i am happy with that , currently upgrading Lv7 Hero Academy , will finish in 3D , so its not hard at all , just need to be patient.


4th month into no spend. Still do the same in wars, defense team stays in diamond. My 3 or 4 log ins a week still feel like a chore, and my other game just completely continues to invalidate every single aspect of the coveted veteran response of “everything is hard to get to keep balance.” after 4 months of not spending ■■■■ here i have have shelled out a total of 50 bucks in 5 months in my other game(all by choice to thank the devs for such a relief of the anger felt here) I am only missing 4 heros out of all of them, they have made actually story modes that incorporate use of every hero instead of the same teams over and over, heroes can be put into use sometimes minutes after pulling them instead of months later as u can upgrade them into usefulness easily since ascension items can been purchased with in game currency and farmed easily each day instead of waiting for some stupid made up event every few months, can easily earn 2 to 3 ten spins perweek just by playing, garunteed a 5 star pull every week just for logging in. The list goes on and on about how people here constantly uphold this stupid logic that by making everytbing hard to get it keeps some form of balance which is completely untrue.

They even made a whale friendly pvp and a ftp friendly pvp totally seperate from each other , thus allowing spenders to be in their own land while ftp can still enjoy the game and earn quality benefits without feeling behind. There is much greener grass than this game and the only negative I have between the two is the new one is only 5 months old so the community isn’t as large or chatty as this one, yet when rage posts of bad summons arise there, i literally almost fall out of my chair and just link them here if they wanna experience some real misery. This game went down the drain and there is to much good coming out for this one to draw and keep newer players. Good luck to all who remain and if you are new, don’t waste your time.

#nospend till the game closes


You can’t say the name of this game of course, but give us a hint :face_with_monocle:


I’m 3 months and 1 week into my #nospend and it’s been the best 3 months and week of my whole gaming experience. I’m still just as competitive (which isn’t very, but hey…) and I still get the same horrible boards and horrible non-luck at summons and ascension items but I at least no longer care or rage about it.

Not spending either, until the game closes.


Since this thread’s inception in 21 June, there are several players advocating this (others may silently still been purchasing VIP, POV and other gem offers), while others (elite ones) totally ignoring this and they have been happily uploading their summoning extravaganza on YouTube to the viewers delight (admittedly, I love how my favorite YouTubers summon in their hilarious threads, using the silver token techniques, Russian/other foreign language techniques, etc.) and others openly admit in the forum that they still continue to spend. I dunno whether the individuals adhering to the sudden change of game style from F2P or C2P to become F2P in response to the #nospend movement called by Anchor have made a significant impact to the pockets of Small Giants, but I guess they are well prepared on this years ahead since the game literally can be played without spending a dime, thanks to our beloved F2Players still clinging to the game after more than 2-3 years. As some posters here mentioned above, it may only be a drop in the bucket. Whether old, loyal players stick to the #nospend movement or not, nothing changes.

But, if anyone is leaving because you think that this is the worst update of the game, please visit Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI] and leave your blueprints before leaving. Thank you.


Yay! I’ve stopped spending myself for 2 months now, and no intention nor temptation to ever start again.


Do you know how to count like 1 2 3?

Yeah the 3 part

Do you like fantasy stories involving kingdoms?

Yeah kingdoms


we all like puzzles, so puzzles.

Yeah you know what I mean bruh


Lmao, this game really has made school in the playstore :joy:

Thanks man (downloaded).

It’s nice there’s still a little playerbase, if it goes well i will gain an advantage from that.

i played for a year and didn’t do any pulls until November. Since then i haf 7 Hotms and i most certainly didn’t use any coins or whatnot.

sweet bro I counted to 5 6 and 7 after you.

With this deadly virus effecting everyone around the world, you would think it almost a sin to not have some kind of a scheme or at least a grand idea on how to get through this in a more support friendly fashion. With so many people stuck in the house its hard not to grow cross with the lack of ingenuity still being put on display here. Hope to see you around elsewhere soon.


So true!!! I’m most disappointed with 4 star ascension mats!!!

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I’m going on a month on both of my accounts.

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They are helping us spending less by releasing undesired HotM :joy:.


Pretty much. I’m embarrassed to say I figured out how much less I spent this last month. I’ll grab a few thing here and there but I just bought a damn good bed with what I’m not spending here so goes my embarrassment


March was the official beginning of my #nospend as my frustration with the game actually lead me to open the playstore snd hunt down a new one. 2 years in game and empires system had frustrated me to the point that I wanted to fins out if there was a fairer frp system out there.

Tried a few games and they just didn’t click one was pretty on the eyes but the grind was completely not worth the time. Then I stumbled upon the gem I am now currently playing with my original Empires and puzzles.

Both being hero collectors it took simply hours not days to look at how a company was able to take the gacha system and flip it i to a manner that would benefit both spenders and ftp alike. With clever usage of a system to immediately make duplicates usable for all kinds of in game items, 2 a grunteed 5 star coin juat for logging in 7 days of the week, pvp the rewards gems wr week based on what bracket you are in, scaleable rewards for all events allowing even newer players to win top prizes with time versus money. The list goes on and on, literally every complaint I have had with empires was addressed and not only that but all myths were tackled. So I was wondering which of these ideas sounds like it could really benefit plahera here.

  1. Duplicates turned into coins which could be used to purchase craft items, hunter lodge items, or actual heros for a price in an auction hall.

  2. Garunteed 5 star every week for logging in 7 days.

  3. System where after an event half of the heroes go into the training camp pull 2 weeks after being released thus allowing them to be pulled from the training camp so to speak the others go into a lodge with a purchase amount of points attached to them

4- gems given weekly based on which tier u finish the pvp week …example bronze 25 gems, silver 100, gold 150, plat 250, diamond, 500. This would allow a player through work to earn one ten spin per month with dailh farming

  1. ability to friend battle alliance mates in a training room

Just saw half of youtubers that says #nospend here spending thousand of gems on pirates event. Not judging, just don’t think we are together in this.

We’re faded to a dead end. They even are releasing trash hotm to hide good ones behind ToL portal where the odds are 70+% of getting a S1 3 star without chance of grabbing current hotm.

Dunno what’s next. Imho it’s healthier to just focus on completing the map stages. F### strategies, summons, defence and scores because it’s just too much time and effort for only having this kind of situation as reward. Also for keeping the game enjoyable it’s necessary to dont read the forum that much. Everytime you do that, you realize how much time you’re sending to trash - and money sometimes.

The updates keep being trash. I’ll only leave this comment here in my last hope of being regretful of writing it in the future. Maybe theres good plans for a next update. Maybe better balance in heroes are being planned. Maybe war reset is fixed. Maybe tournament matches are going to be a bit more fair.

I’m not confident it will happen though.


I cracked and got the 300 gems + 30 gems for my alliance deal as it helps my alliance. However, I’m not planning on getting the PoV pass or renewing my VIP pass either. I’ve been saving up all my gems for one large pull next month (or the month after). Currently have a bit over 8000 saved up.

Once my VIP runs out, I’m planning on doing a pull using all my saved gems, tokens, and the likes. If luck is on my side, I’ll play a bit longer. If not, I’ll look elsewhere.

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#nospend. I’m on board. This game is really losing its enjoyment and the greed of the company is the worst part.


Yea… No spend

Coming from and F2P… Yay

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