Worst Update Empires and Puzzles has released v30 #nospend

It is as much clear as the law allow them to be. I understand you don’t like it (same as me) but we should speaking to change it generally for all the things/business.

And i agree many don’t see it/don’t know it, as displaying it that way has exactly that purpose.
Avoid legal issues, hope many still misses it.

But again, we should talk to globally change this practice, not only Small Giant.

Let us be real.
If we were in their shoes, we probably do the same.

At least I probably to the same.
I’m not doing anything illegal, and it helps me gain more.

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I would absolutely not but I’d also be broke! But agreed on most points. Hopefully the loot box fiasco gets addressed and everyone finds a more ethical way to keep profiting. Personally, if they gave me either a better chance at heroes or a better chance at AM, I’d be more likely to purchase the other.

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Thank you for all your posts. I support the ftp movement and am going to ftp from now on!

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Based on forum and alliance observation… it seems most people do not understand what is the meaning of that odds.

It is so frustrating when I saw someone (a lot of them) complained that they didn’t get a 5* in just 10 pulls…

This is an entirely different discussion, as a basic understanding of statistics is not as common as one would hope. There’s also the problem of personal bias that we all have in hoping that we are the lucky one to have a great pull.

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On more ethical designs in a Gacha-style game, I bet @Gryphonknight has better references and knowledge on that front. I’m pretty sure ‘pity timers/pulls’ or something to offset bad luck is an ethical design (one that E&P is still sorely lacking).

To stay on topic:
I haven’t bought an offer in over a month now, and am doing fine without VIP. The hard decision will be if I buy PoV or not. I still enjoy the game and the folks I play with, but am fine with summoning less S1 :rofl:. I’m not joining #nospend since I may still buy PoV and an occasional VIP if my silver token stockpile runs low.

I spend a lot differently than a few versions ago. If this is a more widespread behavior, then I’m sure SG already knows that without a hashtag campaign and it would be in their best interest to change something.

Not entirely off-topic though because that ignorance is what cause some people to spend.

Thanks for pointing to these missteps by SG. I had begun to pay more into the game. As a relatively new player, I was only aware of surface difficulties. I’ll see how my game goes without the $$.

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I’m on board with #nospend but not so much because of the update.

Spending is not worth it. When my stronghold was at level 12-13 I started to pay because I was frustrated, I didn’t have many 5* heroes, - even 4* were a blessing at the time - Now my stronghold is 21. I can stay in diamond. I have finished season 1 and 2 (not hard though). I know all the quests, soon, all the events…

I think in some way I “finished” the game. The thrill was there but now it’s gone. And the more I try to revive it, the more I get frustrated because there’s the paywall which gets higher and higher the more heroes you have, there’s no good rewards any longer (only unfarmable ascension items and tokens which are very scarce). I guess you can try to get to the top 100 for alliances and players, in challenge events and tournaments… but it seems unrewarding (cups are volatile, and people will soon forget you were one of the best one time). I don’t need that… Plus sometimes, I know I have the right tactics and a good team that should win, but the game constantly reminds me that without luck I’m nothing in this game. That’s what makes me want to smash my phone sometimes. The feeling of injustice leads to a state of immense frustration when you have worked so hard and spent so many hours in a game. It’s not healthy. So I don’t need v30 to know I should quit spending. I’ve paid way more than the game can possibly be worth. I’m not saying the game is bad… just not worth sacrificing your wallet and your time any longer. I hope my resolve will last, because there are many temptations and I might be tempted to crack, but I’ve been spending way less for a few weeks and I’ll try to stick to that philosophy.

So I’m gonna stop VIP (nothing very interesting to build now anyways) and enjoy raiding (when I have decent boards) and playing on titans and wars with my alliance when I have the time. And if I don’t, I’ll become a mercenary without peer pressure from an alliance.


Why’s the Alchemy Lab still totally hosed? It wants me to RE-RESEARCH all of my crafting slots. Am I going to get reimbursed for this? I can’t afford the millions of food and weeks of time needed to basically start all over again. It’s like everything I did is completely WASTED. This isn’t fun any more.

My 2 cents.

This is a huge game. Many players are not on youtube / forum and could care less. If you dont want to spend dont spend but you’re not going to convince the whole game to stop spending. If you dont want to spend dont.

I hate SG as a company more than anyone and that’s one reason why I stopped playing and spending. My woman, she still enjoys it so I will support her the best I can.


I’m not spending…had decided that some weeks ago. cheers

You’re not re-researching. Every level was given an additional recipe. If you already had it unlocked it’s still unlocked.

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While others may be trying to convince others not to spend, I am not. I’m just stating that I have chosen not to spend.

Your post almost seems to argue against anyone saying that they’re not spending. Maybe not but since you haven’t quoted anyone one post directly, it’s hard to tell for certain. Instead it just comes across as a somewhat indecisive, passive-aggressive post that doesn’t provide any meaningful content.

Anyhow, that’s how it came across to me.

You should see the comment section on my youtube channel blowing up from people judging us on the pulls we did.

  1. It’s ucla’s money no one else’s. She can do with it what she wants.

  2. None of your business. You dont like what we are doing, simple, dont watch it.

She will continue on doing pulls as she enjoys this game.


Maybe you should be responding to those comments, not here. No need to get pissy with people who have never visited that site let alone made any comments there. Here you just appear to be a troll.

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Feel free to comment on your opinion of the recent version 30, as well as the movement some individuals are making to stop spending.

However, please remember that whether one chooses to spend or chooses not to spend, it is of their own decision. People should not be pressured to spend or not to spend in this forum. Neither should they be criticized on their decision. Thank you.


I just don’t understand why they couldn’t allow trading of materials and heroes within an alliance. What am I going to do with the extra 5 Elkannen, 3 Marjana’s, 2 Khagans, 3 Kunchen, 2 Telluria’s (just to name some of my dupes) in my roster? Some member of my alliance can’t get Damascus blades or Tomes. I’ve got 14 and 13 of them. I would happliy trade some for tonics which I can never seem to get.

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Well, I would be happy to take one off your hands. :slight_smile:

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