Worst Update Empires and Puzzles has released v30 #nospend

TLDR: other gaming companies are getting sued for in game “loot crates” (summons) and as a community we need to temporarily stop spending our money on this game until SG actually makes the changes they promised a year and a half ago.

I’ve played this game for nearly 3 1/2 years and I have never been so disappointed with a roll out of a release. Id encourage you to take part in #nospend

When you see a company like EA sports getting sued over their “loot boxes”, it’s surprising to see SG still doubling down on summon portals/extenuating odds.

This is the last type of content that I wanted to produce for this game but it’s time for us to stand up as a community and fight for changes. Daily you will see complaints from your consumers about the slim distribution of heroes and the overwhelming gambling premise of the game.

Beta provided tons of feedback to help alleviate the consumer dissatisfaction while keeping the integrity of your business model with the new release of “The Hero Academy”. Those suggestions have fallen on deaf ears and now I encourage everyone in the community to take place in a simple spending strike and leave your wallets out of this game for awhile until they make changes.

A year and half ago during a AMA, SG promised changes to come to help mitigate dissatisfaction with accessibility to heroes. We were told that they understood our pain and something would be put in place. And with their official statement to beta on this horrible release, we are yet again told to “just wait”.

SG built the Hero Academy, as a “Band-aid” for a massive wound and an even bigger gap in consumer dissatisfaction.

I just released a video 24 hours ago with overwhelming support for the cause and now is the time for us all to join together and keep our wallets closed

SG you have the perfect opportunity to make things right, and I hope you can find a solution that satisfies Zygna ($$) while retaining your player base.


This video says it all and quite frankly enough is enough. Not only does the game pray on common addiction leading people to actual problems in their home, it also is the only game I have ever played, that as time has gone on, has actually caused players in the same allainces to sometimes grow bitter with one another because frankly the more someone has spent the less apt they are to listen to another person’s advice. This goes for home improvement needs, car purchases, draw the line. Thank @Anchor for making this video. Enough is enough.


Hoping that #noSpend will go a long way. Sorry SG butt I see it this way - you have done to much nerfing so players decided to nerf your profit.


I was thinking about SG doesnt have a true competitor . That would put more pressure on the company making it being less agressive with the cash grap thing and maybe making the company to care a little more about player feedback and the quality of updates / features !

If im able to find a better game i could spend less time playing E&P and in consequence spend less money (im not a big spender though).
But i have tried lots of games and none of them is as good as E&P . Most of it thanks to this community


I have literally been playing my new game now for 3.5 months. My average spending in empires was around 30 to 50 dollars a month with a few drunk night purchases here and there.

As time went on instead of my roster seeming to get better, each change added to the game made it worse especially when emblems were added. A huge chunk of the community went from war ready, to may never be war ready again after a single addition made lots of bench heroes useless without being leveled further. The emblem costs are just insanely thought out as it takes way to many make it fair for anyone to actually plan multiple heroes of the same class.

My new game offers a garunteed 5 star every week just for logging in, I have spent a total of $57 in almost 4 months and am only missing one hero in the whole game, upon receiving a hero you can have them playable in sometimes minutes not another 4 to 6 weeks later, ascension items have a location for each color so farming to ascend is pretty cut and dry, all features added to the game involve mechanics allowing you to use your whole roster not just the same 5 heroes, i could go on and on but quite simply, every single issue I have had with empires has been addressed other than the one thing that has kept most of is here the longest and is simply the community forum.

Empires has/had one of the best communities of any game i had played on a mobile platform and the amount of people willing to help brand new players was amazing to behold. Fast forward to now, the frustration of so many people has made the forum a complete desert compared to what it used to be, I dont even read the beta beats that @zephyr1 puts up anymore because not one thing in the last 4 months has tempted me to be willing to spend again here. We waited forever with last thread of hope for the hero academy, and the buck stops here. Stand with us as we show the fairest protest ever to stop this gaming abuse that has arisen that is somehow totally legal, yet when i could win REAL money playing poker a few years back, has actually staking sites to help my clan member win real money also, it was banned in my country due to its ability to get kids addicted to gambling from home…

So having a chance to win real money was deemed to dangerous but people gambling over pixels that benefit their life in no way at all is considered acceptable???



What kind of dessert? :face_with_monocle:

20 curiosities


I think i know which game do you play , however i dont consider it to being a competitor or a threat to E&P world.
I can say that competitors bring most of the changes to a game. I know how an old online card game has evolved along the time and how different his features are now in comparizon of his first years.
Now , that lots of competitors have taken people from that game it had to evolve , adding not only features but lots of free or new player friendly content . It is sad but sometimes only the time pushes the developers to make real changes , when they feel the preassure of changing or get into oblivion.

I support the free to play movement, i know that if it becomes big enough it can make SG shakes a little bit. Although i consider it a bit difficult to achieve for someone who is hooked up with the game, is like an unnatural in a way , you feel you need to spend because you enjoy that feeling but your conscious tells you that its not a smart move . The reasons of consider it a bad decition can vary , however for someone who is hooked up the willing of spend will remain stronger.
On the other hand if a brand new game , related to sg content , would start taking people from the game , the process of not spending would be more natural and notorious .


1st desserts

Now treats

You guys are gonna make me fat…


“My new game” as in which you created? I have searched for “Empires & Puzzles: Once Upon A Time In A Parallel Universe” but unfortunately no results.


Lol im trying to express the best i can, sorry @rigs spanish is my native language .

Anyways your comment makes me laugh


Write your politicians or run for office. Your country’s laws aren’t getting changed on an E&P forum.


I’m just honestly in too good a mood to be in this thread right now

I do think he makes some valid points but i have nothin to contribute that i haven’t already said

Now I’m off to get some ice cream, bbl



Just wish devs didn’t lack the creativity or motivation to come up with content worth purchasing other than the same ol same ol gamble mechanics(which i think is the point he was gettin at, just took a different route)


Per your request


If it’s strawberry you’re dead to me :rofl:



I do not like the Tavern of Legends

No one asked for this crappy portal
One might think it was intentionally bad
We deserve better

Please change the portal.
Let us get back to enjoying E/P again
All I want are decent summon odds
Years of play have led to discontent

My patience is at an all time low
You can already tell others agree from the forum
This is deliberate incompetence
How can SG recover from this?
Well, for starters… LISTEN
A LOT of people saying the same
Ridiculously more than voted to nix 1*/2* tourneys
So… ball is in your court, SG.

Signed… PeachyKeen


For now i see much more #playaparttogheter rather then #nospend in top alliances.

Not even seven days family that has a direct link to Anchor has that hashtag on their banner.

Has top players really cut their spending habits?

I don’t know.


Agreed Anchor this is a huge disappointment for me. I have many 5 stars collecting dust. Wish SG would allow trading or give us a workable version of HA. The idea that in half to wait 7 days and only have 5% chance it garbage. I’m going #NoSpend til this gets corrected


I am on board #nospend. This will be the ONLY way to see community-favored changes to the game. SG, to this day, is GROWING and I’m talking about revenue. Zynga grew in Q1, thanks to the strong revenue GROWTH from E&P. So, as much as the community wants this change or wants that change, its not gonna happen. However, you dont spend, then things happen.



I don’t even feel qualified to answer this tbh but guess we’re on the leaderboard so might as well at least tell our side…

Sure few of us support the nospend movement
Some of us have cut back spending for different reasons but typically they all point to the same reasons of the nospend

Main reason we’re not likely to use that hashtag or any hashtag in our alliance name or description(besides #playaparttogether) is mainly due to we play as a team but we think individually so unless 30/30 are behind a certain #subject or matter, we won’t pretend we all are.

Kill titans, win wars is typically always in our alliance description cause it’s what 30 of us collectively agree upon as being main goals of our team but outside of that we’re not 30 cut from the same cloth thinking/spending wise


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