Worst Titan color

My worst Titan color:
Blue (no Evelyn, no Buddy)
Red (no Frida no Arthur)

That’s a beast of a team

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I think you have optimal team, the only downside is you need more high attack stat for tile damage. So you can switch GM to Elena or any other strong tile damage to get more scores, Elena very high attack stat.
Base attack stat without emblem.

No Hero Att Comment
1 Elena 809
2 Azlar 793
3 Guardian Kong 786
4 Scarlett 767 *4 cheap emblem to make more high attack stat
5 Sir Lancelot 756
7 Red Hood 729
8 Colen 728
9 Gravemaker & Capt Kastrel 727
10 Natalya 718

I dont fear any… they fear me. But I guess purple’s fear me the least.


Is that after gm bufffs his and others attack by 5%?

I did not notice this, but it will ruin Ares +54% attack 4 turn. Tarlak need 60% more to the maximum advantage 160%. So 154% from Ares 3 heros can make significant high tile damage.
IMO, GM will replace with +5% att all red and longer active for 6 turn and more worst it is Undispellable and also GM is very fast, so the chance to use advantage from Ares is very little.

*) Notes: It is based on theory, not practice, I do not have GM and Ares… :ok_hand:


I’m pretty sure GM’s elemental link stacks with Ares’ attack boost.


They stack

Gm 5% stacks with all buffs, it wouldn’t over write ares

Same with drake, greg, alasie, and aeron


OK, confirmed… thanks, that make sense, and this will add more 5% so 159% attack boost of Tarlak maximum 160%! only need +1% attack more… lol :wink:
I wish I have GM :sweat_smile:


I hear ya. I have no ares or gm either

So now we need to do the math if:

5% added to wilbur falcon ares and gm is a bigger benefit than adding azlar, elena, or scarlett in gm’s place


Well since he’s emblemed and has an attack of 778 it has to be him. I won’t put emblems on the other heroes on that list. While the buff is active that should be a total of 130 extra attack across the heroes. Maybe putting attack path on Falcon would help. It’s not a bad team but I’m disappointed with hits under 50k and that team often has 40k hits unless I use good items like Tornadoes.

I prefer red and blue titans.


By the math and comparisons I’ve done in the past, i would agree gm is best route

And really any titan you can hit B loot on is good enough. Sure the A+ scores from lucky boards are nice, but i don’t see a big reason to emblem heros in attempt to hit those. Emblems are better spent with a pvp focus in my opinion.(this could change if you were f2p and playing with a pretty basic roster in a top 100 alliance that is about to be attempting 13/14* soon)

Titans are static, they hit a ceiling much sooner than heros and u can use battle items on titans as well.

More variance in heros and they will be growing and changing much more than titans.


« Your titan team of today;
Is your benched team of tomorrow »
Confucius, 502 BC

Blue titan are the worst :confounded: LJ, Mel, Caedmon, Kash, Miki :man_shrugging:


Those are mainly 4s though and 4s aren’t intended by design to be permanent staples of any team

If they were, SG would be broke

Nature is the easiest for me. I have Guardian Falcon for a long time, and he was my first event hero, so with Wilbur and BT - everyone emblemed at +9 at average and with Ranvir tagging in everything burns to ashes. Last Teltoc I got three Jackals as well, so Darkness is not a problem either for me. For Holy, the Cat seems to do the job, and Fire is no problem since Ice is the only color I have multiple 5* in along with Kiril and Sonya. That leaves Ice and while I have fully ascended Hansel and Gregorion, I neglected Gadeirus a bit so while he is fully ascended too, he is not fully leveled and that gives me a trouble sometimes (I don’t have any other green 4*+ that is currently close to the max). So Ice, definitely. They have also worst special that reduces your defense from hardy steel to wet paper tissue level.

Purple suck for me got chao+5 bane+1 jackel 3/60 menila 3/50 medium panda 3/50 leveling danza 2/30
Can elevate Jackel n his getting emblems! but want danza for somebody for war team!

Blue for my main, and not really any element for my alt as I can stack all elements properly with my alt profile. My main doesn’t have any 4 star green heroes. Which funnily enough, I have enough sturdy shields to ascend 3 of them, lol. I hope that in the future for another nature HoTM they make a 5 star nature pulverizer hero and make them a Paladin. With an innate resistance to defense down.

502 Before Caedmon?

20 Rainbow Titans

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Definitely blue Titans. Caedmon is my only green hero that can hold his own. I’m currently working on Gad and LJ but they are still small potatoes so I’m forced to bring 3* heroes just to make a stack.

My weakest titan team is vs green titans because I don’t have high tile damage (have Scarlett and Ares but they’re not replacing Zim + GM.) I’m also having to take Tarlak, still experimenting using Miki 3/70 instead of Tarlak.

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