Worst starting boards! I've ever gotten.. Whats yours?

In over 2 years I’ve never had 6 opening war hits this bad. I’m not being the dead horse and ■■■■■■■■ about wars at all, but I’ve never had boards this bad at the beginning of each war flag I used. Anyone else ever have boards that bad for the opening of war for each flag?

On average a board of 35 tiles, you will have 7 tiles of a particular colour. If you’re going to mono-stack one colour then 80% of tiles on the board are useless straight away. You’re taking a risk that bad boards are really bad and good boards are really good. That’s the risk.


Yeah, I’m well aware of the risk dude, but if you count the color tiles to begin with, I’m counting 3 and 4 tiles for the mono colors and NOT 7. I’m just saying I’ve never had 6 opening war flags to be this bad.

Seven is the average. You might have had zero.

I’ve had sequences of 4, 5, 6 raids where the number of tiles has been above average in each. I have also had your scenario a few times. I think if you haven’t had this before in 2 years then you have been quite lucky.


Knew I shouldn’t have thrown out my 4 leaf clover this morning.

It happens.
Some wars it’s a struggle to get even one OS.
Overwhelming majority though I can Crest 200 pts and not feel like a total failure.

What? Those are bad boards? for me they are just average. Bad boards for me is 3 to 5 strong tiles on a titan 1,30 mn game (average is 8 to12)
Same in wars/raids but not all the time about 30%(about twice per war on average) i rarely do raids now.
Just ride the waves.

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That is the bad thing about playing monocolour. Im a player of mono teams and i often find that kind of board but not six flags in a row. That was bad luck, sorry for you.

I think that its time to try another strategy. Im developing my roster, slowly ofc, to try to not be so dependant of a single colour. Maybe trying a 3-2 or a 2-2-1 . Something to lessen bad boards. But one needs good heroes to allow this against certain teams

Now imagine if the randomness had given you the boards swapped around, and matched your dominant color - you’d be looking great. As said above, 80% chance of failure when you go mono.

I have been extremely happy with my raid results since going 3-2, particularly against Tel. Tel doesn’t let you kill with 3 tiles even with mono and she and her merry band punish you badly in poor-average boards. But with 2 different color options you are ALMOST always able to have enough tiles to work with in order to piece together a win.

Now my long term view is to apply that to wars, but with wars you are up against the clock due to the defender bonuses and the fear is my 3/2 teams will not have the firepower to pull it off. Putting together 6 3/2 teams that work well together is also quite a complex task if you don’t have an unlimited roster


I strongly agree with this. Im more liable to try a 3-2 in raid. But in wars its a completly different story.
I had kind of sucess using mana blockers like proteus alongisde with c.rigard and usually pair them with Hansel, Melendor and another damage dealer green.

But as you said above its not easy to find the right heroes to work and synergize perfectly in six 3-2 teams.

What is more, it depends on the enemy too. If you play in a good alliance(not necessary top 100) you will find the infamous GTV and friends teams. So , mostly you will need six teams that work well together against specific heroes.
Its a matter of time and some luck in the pulls.

Im working in Skadi now. I think she will open a new world to me and will allow me to build a new team with different heroes . That will unzip my reds heroes a little bit.

You’ve found in Noor an excelent tool against Telluria and thats what im looking for. New heroes that allow one to open mind to new line ups.

Meantime , at least in war, i will stick to monocolour, but having in mind that most of the time this is a bet play.

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Mine are always like that lol

Mono? No colors of the selected one
Rainbow? No combos at all

I think against Tel there are key strategic heroes and you need to combine them with good support heroes and good damage dealers to find that optimal balance, and that is not easy.

I would consider the following as key strategic heroes against Tel/GTV:

  • Grazul
  • Lady Loki
  • Myztero (I saw a video of him paired with Grazul and he works WELL)
  • Malosi
  • Skadi
  • Mitsuko (situational, less so after Vel nerf)
  • Bai Yeong (potentially - don’t have much experience with him)
  • Grimble (not as good as the above, but does work well in a stack against her)
  • Probably a bunch more

The following are good support heroes:

  • C Rig
  • C BT
  • Zimkitha
  • Proteus
  • Noor, Freya, Bera
  • Other good cleansers/healers

Damage dealers is pretty self-obvious

I got a bad WiFi connection right off the bat once, would take any of these boards over that nonsense lol

This is why I’ve abandoned mono…too easy to be screwed. I go 4-1 with an off-color healer or 3-2. That way you can USUALLY work the board to at least one of your colors. More than mono for sure anyways.

I’ve never been big on mono and have used 3-2 pretty much forever.
Using it so long, I’ve tailored my troops and hero leveling to fit that play style.
Mono is so incredibly frustrating I never really started using it. 3-2 provides you with a higher “floor”, whereas if your roster is a little lighter mono provides you with a higher “ceiling”, but a much lower floor.
Running 3-2in war I’m essentially guaranteed at least 200 pts an outing on a 30/30 field.

I have been averaging somewhere in the ballpark of 220-240 in wars going exclusively mono over a very long time, but I definitely see the limitations of it and I think you can get a higher, more consistent score with 6 well configured and synergised 3/2 teams. At some point I will convert over but you guys may see some shady scoring happen over the course of a few wars while I go through an adjustment period

Lets say

1 = bad
2 = good

20 rolls are not enough to prove the point (millions play this game), but lets try anyway
May be we will hit the jackpot, and see several 1’s in a row with first try :frowning:

@discobot roll 20d2

:game_die: 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2