Worst pull ever - Can you beat

Are you kidding me this is an abomination!!!

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I think Caedmon is the best 4 star green so I do not regard this as a terrible pull. Sorry it wasn’t to your liking though.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn - move to Complaints thread?


Sorry for that pull but I have seen people getting all 10 3* heroes. Atleast you have one 4*. Not saying that is any better but that is how the pull works unfortunately.


I love Caedmon. Already have one :frowning:


I have multiple 30x pulls with 2 or fewer 4*s and no 5s


I have had several 10x pulls with 100% 3* heroes. This pull is good compared to those!


Here is mine from earlier today

I already have 2 Kashreks, don’t need a 3rd.


On the other hand, Mel, Isarnia, Sabina and Kelile had great snacks :joy:


As long as the OP is primarily interested in seeing “Worst Pull Ever” contenders, as the title suggests, I’m fine letting it stand as is. If this degenerates into complaining about those pulls…well, there are several threads already covering that ground that would be the appropriate home.


Unfortunately it’s 100% consistent with the odds to summon each rarity heroes. I have a terrible luck for pulls in this game and I know what do you feel. Sadly, there’s nothing you can do about that except expressing some complaints…

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Looks like a normal pull to me. You paid for a chance to get something and you got 10 somethings…Obviously, it wasn’t the “somethings” you wanted, but to be sure you did get something for your money. You have the makings of a good 3* team there that you can enter into events gaining you even more “free” emblems So I’d say you did well…



Indeed this pull does hurt…just watching the heroes… But 1 worthwhile 4* tho…

You must have been the lucky one. Renfeld - yeehaw :rofl:

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I have pulled 10 3* several times during atlantis and also during several events.

What you are experiencing is not terribly unusual. As others have pointed out, you at least got a 4*.

It is immaterial that it isn’t a 4* you wanted or a hero you were hoping for.

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Look at it this way, at least one of your 5* heroes will eat well :smiley:

Caedmon is good though, I wouldn’t mind having duplicates of him.

@johnboy29 that one is def worse lol. I don’t even see a need for 2 Kashhreks right now myself

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Agree, there is nothing good on that pull

All of my pulls this challenge haha

10 expensive feeders from Wonder… eh… Awfulland. :zipper_mouth_face:

That was equal to my record of 6 Melias, 2 Bane , an Ulmer and a dupe Triton. And I don’t even have a holy hero to level at that time.

Caedmon is very nice BUT yes that pull sucks and again BUT that the way RNG works

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