Worst / Most useless 5* hero

I wouldn’t. I have him at 2nd ascension and I quickly figure out that he is not worth my efforts. Maybe later on he is… But for now my focus needs to be a strong team.

You think so?
I haven’t leveled him at all. Maybe I should revisit good old Richard. I should add since I focused on Grimm.

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I can also confirm that Richard is a good tank, though he (like all Ice tanks) will be vulnerable to Zeline and Mitsuko attackers. My defense is currently Tiburtus - Vivica - Richard - Ares - Gregorian, and it typically holds around 2400-2500 cups.

On the topic: I’m leaning toward Mok-Arr as the worst. He requires a very specific setup to be effective, and outside of titans I don’t think he’s worth the effort.


I would never use Tibertus. You didn’t factor in fast vs slow and in Raids speed kills. So you have an average speed champ with low health? It’s likely in most raids he dies before ever getting a super activated.

I’ve also one shot people with the Obakan riposte. I’m not saying he’s great, but he’s definitely more valuable than Tiburtus. Put it this way, in purple comps I take Proteus instead of Obakan, he still dies quick but his super is miles more effective. I don’t see Tiburtus being a game changing super. It pretty much relies on you having good gems lined up or another super ready to piggy back.

Mok-Arr can crush, his Average speed AOE attack does ludicrous damage. I generally avoid in raids. I can see him doing well with a Victor since you know the defense buff will be active.


The most useless champ RN is Aegir. He needs a buff, bad. Wilbur has a way better version of the same thing.


I get the hate, but I’d say Aegir is more useful than Quintus or Thorne


More like Equally useful; I wouldn’t level any of them.

I’d definitely level Aegir over Thorne. In fact, I’m doing that on my alt account. I have a choice of Thorne, Lianna or Aegir as tank on that account. Aegir is the only one that does anything at the tank position so he gets the feeders. Also, Lianna would die…

Tbh, I was really hoping for a Bold as he’d get the tank job, but no luck on a very c2p account :disappointed_relieved:


There are no useless heroes.

Most heroes are evaluated on their solo ability point of view.

Those considered bad are usually slow / weak or no special effects / poor synergy with current roster.
Some just needs good pairing in order to be effective.

G Owl is awesome in my opinion if you know how to use him.
Thorne aint bad for an old school tank.
Elkanen/Kadilen and many more aint bad.
Khagan flanked by Albi/Azlar/Isarnia is quite monstrous.

Also, are you looking from offense or defense point of view or purely titan hits.
Some heroes will not get buffed or nerfed for this fact. The fun part of this is being creative and finding ways to improve your team(s) through various combinations. Not everything is about having Guin/GM/Zeline. Its boring to a certain extent. I experiment with my defense teams every 1 or 2 weeks. Not having the “super” heroes enables me to think harder on how to better my defense and offense. Im not saying I dont have good heroes. I have both good and bad for the matter of fact.

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


Apparently the best position to put G.Owl, in tank position, the super slow charges so fast you will think he is average mana.

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But he is at his best when everyone else is dead. He’ll never be the only hero left if he is the tank.


Owls best position is right rear. He has to be the last bird standing.


This isn’t even worth discussing. It’s Thorne. There are no other contestants.

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According to my alliance, the majority of my heroes fit this topic :persevere:


And we are already with that the grandmother smokes. No hero is bad, according to you, because if you combine it with the best in the game, it does something. let’s see: 1 / if I have the best ones in the game, why am I going to give telescopes to rubbish like Aegir or Thorne or rings to Khagan? 2 / In very good synergy, you say, with Alby, Khiona, etc. they make good paper. Come and man, in perfect synergy with those you say, if instead of Khagan you put GVM or Azlar or another, 100 times more and better. Do not sell motorcycles, heroes improve with synergies, but they are good by themselves. That gang, Aegir, Thorne, Khagan, Kadilen, etc. are design failures, pure useless trash.

Play the best with what you have in your hand and not what you wish to have.

If Thorne or Khagan is what I have and do not have any better options, yes I would give them the scopes or rings. If you can only afford to have 1x 5* of each color, then I can understand you would only want the best one you can get. Many heroes have design flaws but I do not find any of them as rubbish heroes. e.g. Aegir is not great on defense but he is very much viable on offense.

You may have 2 or 3 of the great heroes but these can make such heroes greater. I have learned this by having 5x grade A snipers as defense and I can still lose a ton. So it is best learn how to play the best you could with what you are dealt with. I have neither Guin/GM/Zeline or some of the more super heroes but I can still hold my own in diamond and I can still best any of the players I come across be it no.10000 or no.1. Some heroes are just more difficult to use and ends up as back burners since many dont have the ascension mats to up so many heroes to play with the various combinations. I have some of the so called “bad” heroes and I still use them till today. Only thing is that most “bad” heroes are better used in offense where you have better control of them.


And you have to count on Murphy’s Law to help. The moment I give up hoping for a great hero and feed my not-so-great hero all my tonics, is when I’m bound to get the perfect 5 star :smile:


I’m thinking of giving my darts (I have 6 now) to mr. Owl just for this reason. I think having him maxed would make me cool.


If you are looking for purely raids and quests, you will not regret having the Owl in your corner. He is one of those that needs others to buy him time.


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