Worst / Most useless 5* hero

Same here…
20 characters dumb rule

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Hmm, I’ve never really order heroes this way, so lemme give it a go

My 2¢

#1-18 Worst Heroes in the Game [per Element]

(5* Only)


  1. Reuben
  2. Lady Loki
  3. Baldur
  4. Red Hood
  5. Russell
  6. Natalya
  7. Jean-François
  8. Noor
  9. Captain Kestrel
  10. Yang Mai
  11. Tyr
  12. Anzogh
  13. Captain Nemo
  14. Ares
  15. Santa Claus
  16. Azlar
  17. Elena
  18. Guardian Kong


  1. Exeera
  2. Richard
  3. Russula
  4. Perseus
  5. Aegir
  6. Magni
  7. Thorne
  8. Fenrir
  9. Vela
  10. Snow White
  11. Rumpelstiltskin
  12. Esme
  13. C. Richard
  14. C. Snow White
  15. Glenda
  16. Frosth
  17. King Arthur
  18. Raffaele


  1. Jade
  2. Horghall
  3. Yunan
  4. Morgan le Fay
  5. Margaret
  6. Balbar
  7. Elradir
  8. Elkanen
  9. Kadilen
  10. Telluria
  11. Atomos
  12. Lughaidh
  13. Lady Locke
  14. Garjammal
  15. Bertila
  16. C. Horghall
  17. Zocc
  18. Gregorion


  1. Leonidas
  2. Rana
  3. Ranvir
  4. Guardian Owl
  5. Roc
  6. Bai Yeong
  7. Neith
  8. Norns
  9. Justice
  10. Guinevere
  11. Akkorog
  12. Sir Roostley
  13. Vivica
  14. C. Justice
  15. Musashi
  16. Joon
  17. Thor
  18. C. Rana


  1. Salmon Loki
  2. Sargasso
  3. Obakan
  4. Zulag
  5. Mok-Arr
  6. Aeron
  7. Myztero
  8. Domitia
  9. Quintus
  10. Marie-Thérèse
  11. Boss Wolf
  12. Victor
  13. Sartana
  14. Thoth-Amun
  15. C. Quintus
  16. Viscaro
  17. Chakkoszrot
  18. Khiona
  • Please note, that I’m not saying all of these heroes are 100% useless (or anything), just that they’re some of the worst 5* in their [respective] elements - comparing to current existing counter-parts - ranking em from worst to best based on my own opinion of em (no one else’s), so take it with a grain of salt. As, to be fair, many of these I do still find places for [in my play-style], albeit while diminishing quite rapidly [I might add]…

very nice lists… :+1:
I just want to comment some of interest based on my situation (roster)…

I still use Nordri, I know there is better Frida, but I would exchange soul if there is K.Arthur in the list for 5 or 10 heroes :sunglasses:

Richard CB and C. Richard is great, sturdy hit-3 with -attack is valuable.
I already emblem him ans use Richard.CB. I change my defense from C.Magni+3 (I lake of fighter emblem) to Richard.CB+20 (have many paladin emblem and even I still have Telluria+20, would plan to reset him if I can get better Paladin like Frida, K.Arthur, Odin, etc), and very great result in reverse-V format.


Thank you :blush: I like making lists when I’m bored :joy::rofl:

I can understand this. Without an ice elemental debuffer, King Arthur becomes essentially “must-have”. However, I’d ask you, wouldn’t you still prefer Frida to him? Even Nordri would still be a must to bring in to all events if the choice were between only the two of them… that’s how much worse KA is to Frida.

Unfortunately, all old event heroes (barring the last standing: Guardian Panther, as well as Wonderland - as they are not nearly as old) suffer from old stats, and dated special skills, when compared to the heroes of today’s age. So unfortunately, even ones with skills as timeless as elemental defense debuff will see this list if they offer nothing else of value besides that skill. & Unfortunately, 1. Old stats 2. Average speed sniper (with a low hit) 3. Effects only covering one - fit that bill

Now this one could be due to my own experience, as Richard was the very last S1 hero I obtained; to me, he’s not nearly as vital as Thorne, with a lower hit, and a secondary effect that’s covered by more heroes, at much faster speeds. Whereas Thorne, paired with Grimm or Frida, can kill anywhere from one to three heroes at the same speed. To me, kill > effect. (It’s a nice caveat if it’s your only attack debuff, but otherwise, it becomes almost negligible)

The only S1 heroes to not make the list were Isarnia, Lianna and Marjana. Marj would make the most sense (to me) to add next, however, fire still lacks real fast snipers (as in non-conditional), as Gefjon is the only other one … every other color has several. & Lianna too, as I prefer her kill over Garjammal’s… hit lol; she still does her intended job well (although, she wouldn’t have been far behind, either). & Isarnia?! Six turn 44% defense down is still one of the best skills you can bring in VF, and makes a mean Titan hero, to this day (great attack stat too).

(Edit: Oops, I forgot about Khagan, but he’s also one that’s vital for events, hitting three for some of the most in the entire game + buffs, so even without costume, he’s still pretty relevant today, which is why he’s not on the list either)

So unfortunately, Richard doesn’t fit that bill. And costume wise? I think his is the weakest of all S1 ice costumes, changing very little of the SS. Sure, his survivability is massive, but he’s hardly threatening (even as tank) when compared to the monsters that exist nowadays (Krampus, Zircon, Milena, Skadi, Morel, Passepartout, Quintin, Pengi, C. Alasie, Lord Loki, etc…)

So it was just a matter of several being better 🤷

But I ask, if there’s a hero you don’t think belongs on the list, who would you put there instead? Remembering that it’s: Top #18 per Color - so therefore, 18 names must be offered up to the Gods :joy:


Aeron, Ares, Boss Wolf, Jade, Mystero, Victor, Salmon Loki, Norns, Garjammal, Kestrel, Rumplestilsken, Justice, Quintus, Exeera, Thorne, Anzogh, Reuben, Noor, Misandra, Mok-Arr, and Yang Mai are some of the worst I can remember.

A few have niche-case uses, but even then pale so badly in comparison to their respective peers. It’s sad to see so many bad heroes getting no attention by the recent attempts to balance heroes, while others, whom the whales have come to love (Finley, Gravemaker, Krampus, etc.), get all the love (so that SG can rake it in).


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