Worst mistake you've made in-game?


I have two Elks and four Groots LOL. Decided to hold them and boosted my roster space (like you, Evelyn was my only other green, until I pulled two Margarets).

Now I’ll wait for Hero Academy, maybe the green outcasts might be exchanged for something better.


I used gems, maybe 100-200 total, to speed building construction because i was tired ans i needed to go to sleep.
Oh how i’ve learned that E&P has no consideration of my sleep habits :rofl:

I also bought, from the shop, some 1500 offers for a bunch of war items cause i wanted to check it out and i double clicked ultra fast :sob:. I don’t check these offers anymore


That is my fear, that I may have blown a chance to convert them into a different 5*! I guess only time will tell…


Not focusing on S2 map sooner. Been busy auto farming recruits and backpacks for months. Now I got so much Atlantis to grind through. Haha I actually have to play the game.


Actually, Vlad and the other two vampires are great healing suppressors. Very useful in wars where there is field aid.

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Over the course of losing raid after raid to teams I should have easily beaten, I grew increasingly frustrated. This all culminated in my punching through my phone screen, a 200$ mistake. I have been trying to learn from Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson since then… goooosfraba…

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Thought this post was for mistakes…?? haha !


well i tried to use him there for this purpose… and yes he surpresses some healing… but does no mentionable damage… my experience is he just occupies space and dies without making a mentionable difference…


The time I 1st join to my alliance, on every titan escaped… I complaint so hard because Titan “Reducing” my resources, foods, irons, etc… I’m not so good at english, but thats it, I though Titan steal our resources… :sweat_smile:

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