Worst mistake you've made in-game?

I have two Elks and four Groots LOL. Decided to hold them and boosted my roster space (like you, Evelyn was my only other green, until I pulled two Margarets).

Now I’ll wait for Hero Academy, maybe the green outcasts might be exchanged for something better.

I used gems, maybe 100-200 total, to speed building construction because i was tired ans i needed to go to sleep.
Oh how i’ve learned that E&P has no consideration of my sleep habits :rofl:

I also bought, from the shop, some 1500 offers for a bunch of war items cause i wanted to check it out and i double clicked ultra fast :sob:. I don’t check these offers anymore

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That is my fear, that I may have blown a chance to convert them into a different 5*! I guess only time will tell…

Not focusing on S2 map sooner. Been busy auto farming recruits and backpacks for months. Now I got so much Atlantis to grind through. Haha I actually have to play the game.


Actually, Vlad and the other two vampires are great healing suppressors. Very useful in wars where there is field aid.


Over the course of losing raid after raid to teams I should have easily beaten, I grew increasingly frustrated. This all culminated in my punching through my phone screen, a 200$ mistake. I have been trying to learn from Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson since then… goooosfraba…


Thought this post was for mistakes…?? haha !

well i tried to use him there for this purpose… and yes he surpresses some healing… but does no mentionable damage… my experience is he just occupies space and dies without making a mentionable difference…

The time I 1st join to my alliance, on every titan escaped… I complaint so hard because Titan “Reducing” my resources, foods, irons, etc… I’m not so good at english, but thats it, I though Titan steal our resources… :sweat_smile:


I was at a Memorial day weekend cookout last weekend…had a little too much to drink and accidentally fed a fully ascended Melendor to GM who I just pulled in Atlantis. I went from totally ecstatic to bummed out.


:joy::joy::rofl::rofl: Oh noes!

And this is why I always use the lock feature RIGHT away when I pull any 4-5*'s I want to keep.

I don’t trust myself not to do this.


That stinks, but at least it is better than feeding a fully ascended GM to Melendor! Look on the bright side :wink:


Sometimes the locks disappear in my game oO

When I first started, I did not know about mission chests and how they could give extra rewards. So I played for about two weeks without opening any. I must have had a monster chest filled but just sat there… lol


I love Chesh !! Great for raids too when purple stacking, just good to kill the tank before firing

I think my biggest in game mistake is turning out to be maxing a second Wu Kong. I’m currently using him in Alliance Wars, but he’s the only hero I’ve got 2 of maxed. I fed 1 or 2 more Wu, but they went to Delilah, who was the first 5* I got. I am completely fine with that.

I’m holding a bunch of 4* duplicates just in case I get to the point I have nothing better to work on. However, I might start holding off pulling feeder heroes totally, as my list of unique heroes is very slim once I get past those I’m working on currently.

I also hold on trainers to use only on 3rd or 4th chevron, unless it’s a 1* trainer. I am finding that food is not remotely a problem for me, yet I still do it to save on food costs.


I was going to disable my alliance’s participation in war, because two of them would not be available.

But I ended up disabling my participation… and my alliance is still in war… :frowning:

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Easy one! Ascending Mok’Arr. That! was a big mistake.

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Still spending on gems , hoping I get better summons

Don’t really spend much. Just said this for the lulz. Apologies


YES! Haha I have told my husband I need to delete our debit card off of the game. We usually stick to a budget but then of course up comes a really good deal. Of course all of these new power heroes don’t help either!