Worst mistake you've made in-game? (Serious Mistakes)

I can remember about a month in or so I hadn’t become used to locking every Epic and Legendary Hero.
Then there was the day I was quickly feeding some heroes during a meeting(not advised), and I fed Wu Kong to Justice instead of Hou. I know there is the warning that asks if you’re sure on 3⭐️ and up, but I will feed them to the big dogs all the time, so I breezed by it. Didn’t I feel like a certified grade A idiot when I realized that about 3 hours later after work.
Simply put it was colossally stupid, and I lock all heroes immediately now.


Not sure if anyone else has done this accidentally as i didnt read them all but the other day I accidentally auto completed my tc 11 training from clicking too fast. Cost me 2620 gems. 30ish dollar mistake. Was soooo pissed.


Thats some expensive feeders :grimacing:

Yuuuup. Basically the 10 pull i was gonna do for Sand heroes disappeared.

Ouch indeed! I’ve done this with tc11 too, but fortunately it was my nr2 that is usually only stacked for a day or so, cost me less than 100 gems. Also completed upgrading one of the tc:s with gems (by mistake…), bit more costly but not even close to your >2500 :scream:.

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Accidentally ascended Margaret messing around late at night. Was trying to look at the rogue talent tree again to figure out what her maxed emblem form would look like, but forgot that I cannot see the talent tree on a 3/70 hero and the buttons were in the same spot…


My biggest mistake was, Spent money in it.


Being undecided on which heroes to give emblems to in some classes until now that the new buildings and items are out. Never realized how iron-expensive embleming is :expressionless:


Feeding Guardian falcon…


Bringing the wrong team to a Raid (swiping right once too much and bringing my monster farming team instead of the custom-built raid team I had chosen).

Wasting my War flags on a difficult opponent because of pride; instead of waiting for weaker opponents to recharge.

I once lost a raid by making the wrong gem match, when I could easily have killed the last enemy hero at 1 HP who was fully charged and wiped out my team after (it was Azlar I think… or some other hard-hitting AOE, and I had all 5 heroes still alive BUT at very low health…)

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Spread too thin on Troops feeders

2 Alpha Minotaurs both at level 8 and …

one day BAMMM here Assassins for you.

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Took me weeks before I learned how to lock heroes. My first Wu Kong, Gravemaker and Drake Fong became food. Luckily the portal delivered them again.


Feeding leveled troops to others. :woozy_face:

Feeding my lovely maxed Sharan to a nobody. :sob:

Feeding my lovely maxed Layla to a nobody. :sob: :sob:

Spend gems in the current event just to get 175th… :unamused:


I’m right there with you. Between leveling heroes, crafting battle items, and reallocating emblems, I don’t have any resources to spare, even with all my regular buildings maxed out and with an advanced mine and farm. :sweat:

My biggest mistake was to feed all my maxed 3*-s including Rudolph, Vlad and Melia. I just didn’t want to participate in rare challenge events because rewards were poor.
Then they added emblems to the completion tier rewards. And 3* tournaments.


Not checking teams and Going against an 8* titan with a single 3* trainer.


Not my worst mistake … I’ve already posted a couple of those - but forgetting to check my troops when I’m colour stacking. I often have stronger troops and forget to switch them.


Exactly, happens every ■■■■ time when I fast-change my teams.

My worst mistake was joining an alliance that started to make the game feel like a job instead of a game.I didn’t stay long there.

Other then that feeding fully leveled 3* to 4*, then those fully leveled 4* to 5*. When wars first came out i realized then I should have kept them.

Using the wrong team against a Titan, then hitting the Flee button for some silly reason… Think I did like 40 damage lol


I used GM (almost maxed) along with Wu Kong and 3 other reds against a titan. I wasn’t impressed … my hits were horrible. I was very disappointed with how GM was hitting. I’d already fought it four times!

Then one of our members was saying what his green team looked like. Curious, I checked the titan again. Yep, it was a blue titan we were fighting. AND, I’m the one who posts the titan messages telling players what colour the titan is and what colours to bring.

Total Senior Moment - Do as I say - not as I do :joy::rofl:

I used a flask to make up for my error and did much better with my green team.


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