Worst mistake you've made in-game? (Serious Mistakes)

I recall a while ago reading somewhere about an elemental titan chest. That had me a little bit worried and confused until, much later, I realized it would be just a normal elemental monster chest but in the titan chest slot.

i was seriously wondering how long it would take to kill 5 titans of the same element. At least I didn’t think it would be 150.


Not my worst mistake but …

Just this morning I checked I still had a few hours to go to next hero chest. I then immediately used all my flags in the raid tournament.



Did that during the first tournament. I’ve also used up my world energy farming random levels before realizing that a new monster chest would open in a few minutes.


I’ve also leveled up with full flags and world energy MORE THAN ONCE. I will refrain from admitting just how many times.


My mistake I’ve been playing now for just under 4 weeks a couple of days in I got boldtusk got him to lvl 18 then I was lucky a few days after and pulled anzogh so me being me fed boldtusk to him then found out later I needed more than one team for wars lol


It’s a mistake you’ll never make again, I guarantee it!


One time I was leveling up some troops, and quickly pressing on the troop fodder and level up button. Well, I was clicking super fast and not paying much attention, when I ran out of food, so the option came up to pay with gems instead, and I was clicking so fast that I didn’t read anything. I saw a gem symbol for about a split second before I clicked on in, and then something registered in my brain that I may have just wasted some gems. I went back a screen and saw that I was now short 300 gems!!! I couldn’t get them back, it was considered a “valid” purchase :frowning:

Leveling Cheshire Cat.

What I thought I was getting: A fun alternative to Tib who would be useful vs. Titans at a minimum.

What I actually got: The yowling, hissing avatar of Rngesus, just as likely to claw out your eyes as your opponents with his capricious nature. Blinding the entire board on titans with his ridiculous grin, and whisking away dangerous enemy tanks to safety because he didn’t get his Fancy Feast that morning.

My advice: Stay far far away from this transplanar hairball–if you can.


Wow, my mistake definitely wasn’t as catastrophic as yours. When I first started the game, I got an epic hero token almost right away. I pulled Lianna. I kept leveling her as much as possible. I didn’t bother with any other greens. Even when I was stuck do to lack of ascension materials, I would just feed greens to other heroes on my main team. I ended up with 5 maxed heroes… and basically nothing else. Still fixing it now!

Hahahaha! Like you, I’ve been saying the same thing since the first day I got him and maxed him. But I never gave up, I used him anytime I could. He works best with AOE/Multi-hitters (I’m sure you know). But he is absolutely best with Hel. They synergize well together, because of Hel’s multi-mana block.

If Cats shuffle fails, Hel is there to say it’s okay.
If Cats shuffle succeeds in shuffling and condensing, Hel says thank you.


Leveling up, when all my flag is full, and forget to raid and hit Titan first. Arghhh .


Just took me until midway through my 6th titan hit to realize why my scores were so low… I had my yellow team fighting a yellow titan.


spending all gems for speeding up building things when i was not aware of what else gems are good for… :frowning:


I bet a lot of us did that. At first I thought I should be using them whenever they were asked for - battle items, etc.

They seemed pretty useless to me otherwise, just collecting away :joy:


you think i’m not the only one? :wink:

other stupid things i did:

when migrating recruits from tc13 to tc20 and food storage was full and houses were empty i thought i don’t care for the ham just give me the recruits back… and lost all ham AND recruits… tried this several times because i thougth this must be a bug and cannot be true…

got 2 vlads and maxed them because i thougth they are good…

Mistakes I still make from time to time:

  • hitting the titan with the wrong team
  • raiding with the wrong team (color stacking on the raid before and then…hit the attack button)
  • leveling up when all energy is full
  • forgetting to stop farming at the point when I need to fill WE for the monster chest (need 21 WE for 7 times 7-4, so I should stop 3 1/2 hours before the chest opens, but often I don’t get that managed…)

Mistakes I’ve made:

  • maxing Prisca, Dawa (had no other good purple/yellow at that moment and they’re still not fed)
  • wasting gems/buying gems and beeing disppointed after bad pulls (hey, I got Greymane -.-)
  • at the very beginning: wasting gems for ham and iron
  • being in a very lazy alliance for a couple of weeks

I cringed so hard reading this! I am so sorry!

Well, feel like wanna eat her alive…lol.
Then again, its just a game so life goes on.
And that actually turn me into half f2p to date.

I’ve wasted thousands of gems on Ascension Packs :expressionless:

I’m sure others will have opinions, but for me, only time will tell depending on what the supposed Alchemy Lab will allow us to do… I purposefully fed Elkanen and Horgall away. They were my first 2 5* heroes. I took them to 2x60 knowing I’d never max them out. I got short on roster space, and had also pulled 2x Evelyn in the mean time. I’ve also since spent the gems to boost my roster space, which has been wonderful!

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