Worst mistake you've made in-game? (Serious Mistakes)

I once brought a Neith to a Guin fight


I once brought a Neith to a fight… against you… it didn’t work out and my phone almost went through the wall.


Wow sorry about that lol, was this recent? And i know the feeling…i recently did the same against Alberto’s defense. Only one constant in this game…everyone dies lol


It was a few days ago, you were global #1 by a mile. I took a screenshot and posted it in my alliance’s Line chat, calling for someone to take your head and avenge me. :joy:


I am sure several took you up on that lol if it makes you feel better some guy (4400+TP) lost 17 in a row to me over two days…it was crazy, and i almost wanted to get a protection order from stalking lol with RNG i couldnt even see how that was possible


Oh, man, that does actually make me feel better. Lol
Your defense is so unforgiving… I didn’t get good starting boards, then I was toast before I had a chance to make anything happen.

But yeah, that is nuts… I’ve never heard of someone finding the same person that many times in that timespan.

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well i was at the top and kept logging off so i could get revenges since game wouldnt let me match against anyone. Everytime i logged back in there he was with 3 new losses.


I fed a dupe Neith and Grimble to Onatel a few weeks ago. A mistake yes; one I regret no.


I made 2 big mistakes early on with TCs.
I converted a TC to a barracks, because for some reason I thought that was the only way to get a barracks.
I skipped over TC4 and later TC11 because I thought they still cost backpacks and they didn’t sound as cool as “guaranteed (fill in the blank)”. I spent all my world energy farming season 2 for backpacks.

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I didn’t see any reason to have dups, I have a limited inventory…

So I fed like 3 dup wilburs, proteus, Domitia to random heroes, as well as my leveled up 3 stars and many, many other 4 star heroes who I thought weren’t good but turns out I should have kept.


Ouch :see_no_evil::sob: but you are not alone! I fed away some accidentally because I didn’t know about the locker!

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It’s different

but for about the first year I played I thought Tarlak’s special was called ‘Marital Prowess’.

I said it, I typed it, I referenced it.

The paddle / art didn’t help.

Either no one caught it, thought it was autocorrect or just didn’t say anything.

Finally someone sent me a message laughing — but I wasn’t joking… then started thinking back on all the times I’d said it.

would of rather eaten a 5* :slight_smile:


My worst mistakes in my first year of playing was feeding several of my maxed 3* and a few of my least used 4* heroes to my 5*, being eager to level them faster.
Then challenge events and wars was introduced and I had to start almost over on leveling 3* heroes, feeling very stupid :joy:
That tought me to save all leveled heroes.Later I learned not to feed last copy of any hero, that may not be as likely to get again, as expected, and may become handy or buffed someday.
Then in 2 years becoming a hoarder saving min, 1 of all best 3* heroes and min, one of each 4* , still in 3 years ( taking a lot of gems for hero cap) never using a 5* for fodder.
My strongest dislikes in game is having to pay to have room for more heroes, after paying or working hard to get them?? That makes no sense to me. Several months I avoided summons not being essential, to try for the HoTM, just to avoid new paying for extending my roster doing a 10x summon and not having a hero I was feeling good about feeding heroes for 50-100 $ spend


Installing the game was probably the first and worst mistake :joy:

In this game you’ll never get to the top. You’ll never get to see all your buildings maxed. You wont be able to collect the heroes you like no matter how much you spend on it. When you think you finally reached the summit, devs move the goal post 100 miles farther. I bet Stronghold lvl 30 is in the making and it will take three friggin years to build the damn thing.

It’s all about the benjamins for devs. I’ve been playing for 1 and a half years and that’s how I see the game at the moment. I’ve never seen a game who ignores its playerbase’s feedback like E&P does. All they know is how to design more cash grab events and more shiny heroes.

But that’s just my personal opinion. I bet there are some fan(boy)s who wont like my comment and will tell me: ‘I like the game to death. If you don’t like, don’t play and gtfo’ :joy:

I still like the game tbh.


Im sure there are some people here including myself that could’ve bought a new game console with 5 new games with the amount I’ve spent before. I cut down alot lol


Im sure there are about 1000+ people who coud buy a console with 10 games each month from their spending.


I had an extremely unlucky game lag/frustrated button mash incident that led to me accidentally spending like 1500+ gems to “skip wait” on the huge stock of recruits I was training :expressionless: I just stared at it in shock for like 10 seconds.

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Before, I would have said my worst mistake was feeding away my first Bane.

Now, I’d say my worst mistake was spending money on the game.

I also still like the game overall, but the pricing and incredibly low summoning odds are absolutely ridiculous.

Don’t worry. The fans hate the hell out of my opinions also. Funny thing is that most of the people who hate my opinions have either spent less overall on the game than I have, or haven’t been playing nearly as long as I have.

It’s a fun game. But it’s not worth anywhere near hundreds of dollars.

Subjective opinion, yes. Absolutely. But also completely fair criticism.

And I don’t have to either stop playing or stop expressing my opinions simply because I don’t 100% agree with everything they do. If I decided to take a firm stand and stop playing games that had any flaws at all, I’d never play games again. If I decided to stop buying products from companies that have ever produced a less than perfect product, or engaged in any sort of unsavory business practices of any kind, I’d never buy anything again.

Hell, I’m posting this comment right now using a computer that was probably built in a third world sweatshop by a bunch of severely underpaid employees, then sold to me at a ridiculously overinflated price, that runs on an operating system developed by a monopolistic company that is likely tracking and selling all of my data (including this comment) even as I type this.


I can like using something and also hate certain aspects of it at the same time.

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Never again have I pulled Merlin.

You actually can see all the buildings maxed as a f2p/c2p. Just takes longer. (Been playing over 3 years)
Heroes are another matter. Still don’t have any Atlantis 5* :cry:

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