Worst mistake you've made in-game? (Serious Mistakes)

I was just thinking about some of the incredibly stupid choices I’ve made while playing this game, and it got me wondering - what’s the most boneheaded move you’ve made related to E&P that still makes you cringe to this day?

My story is from when I was just a newbie, about eight months ago. I started playing very casually, just popping on every now and then when I was bored. I was doing regular newbie things - playing through the storyline, getting my butt handed to me over and over in raids, matching the tiles but forgetting to even use my heroes’ special skills or pay attention to their health until the blue “DEFEATED” showed up on the screen, etc…

I’m just getting rolling, I’ve got a couple 3* heroes and one Kashhrek now, and the Sand Empire event comes around. It’s the first event I participated in, and I’m frustrated at how hard it is. I’ve become more interested in the game, though I still have basically no grasp on the mechanics, or how to build a team with good synergy. I decide to try a couple 10x pulls, hoping for some stronger (and, more importantly, cooler) heroes.

I come away with Gafar, Jabbar, Arman, Hisan, and Yunan - my first legendary hero! I’m disappointed with this haul, I have no clue how incredibly lucky I am. I still can’t get through the Sand Empire challenge, and I lose a bit of enthusiasm for playing. I continue playing casually, maybe a few minutes a day if I remember to check in.

A few weeks go by, and I’ve decided I don’t like these sand heroes. Jabbar hits like a sissy, I can’t keep Gafar alive, I’m not interested in collecting 3* heroes… Yunan? Nah, he seems pretty weak. Legendary heroes must not be hard to acquire, since I’ve already got him after only a few weeks of playing, and I just got Gregorion from an epic hero token… I’ll just get some better ones later. Kashhrek is cool, though… tough looking lizard guy, heck yeah, let’s level him up!

TL;DR: I FED YUNAN TO KASHHREK. :sob::sob::sob:

Please discuss and share your stories of stupidity so we can all have a place to joke and laugh at each other while we try to keep from crying.

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For silly “oops” mistakes, see: Oops, what a dumb mistake/ I wasn't thinking thread (Silly Mistakes)


A tale all too familiar to those of us who fed our first Bane :expressionless:

But yours is on a different level!!

Society of First Bane Feeders


I fed Proteus to Sartana about month and half ago. I didn´t see him again even after about 200 further pulls in Atlantis… I didn´t know what kind of gem Protues really is at that time :frowning:


Bought a useless offer (-300 gems) because game is sometimes laggy and i was to fast, and the buy was exactely under my finger, the tip of my finger touched it for 1 micro second


My first mistake was that i was hoping i would get even one 5* hero in 110+ pulls.


I figured there was a similar thread around here somewhere… However, IIRC, I kept my first Bane.

Glad to see you back!

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I eat all my maxed 3* heroes :disappointed:
I make some new but I still feel bad


Oh, no… Proteus is amazing, I hope you get another one soon!

I fear this will happen to me at some point… I’ve also heard of people accidentally doing a 10x pull in the daily summon portal while their phone was in their pocket.

My biggest mistake/mistakes happened at the very beginning a year ago. I got 6 Aerons and used 5 of them as a feeder heroes to first Aeron. I kept neglecting him like he was the most useless legendary hero in the game. Did not ascend him very far. Now i have realised that he’s actually a very good hero. Fantastic i may say… and soon i will max him.

Loosing all the other Aerons is ok coz this atlantis gave me YET another Aeron with single pull :smile: i will keep him in my roster.


I start playing it :face_with_monocle:


The other day I was waiting for my monster chest, 10 mins til it appeared… for some reason I decided to use all my flags while I was waiting… I was not amused at myself lol.


I saw the E&P ad on Fruit Ninja and downloaded the game :neutral_face:


I’ve made a bunch of bad choices.

  1. Sitting in a dead end alliance for a month+, realizing it was going nowhere and being frustrated but not feeling like I was ready to move on.

  2. Being blinded by the hero power score and star rating, wasting food and feeders on heroes that I didn’t have mats for, before having a decent set of maxed 3s. (Granted, it’s not wasted, but was the wrong priority and it did set me back in terms of efficient account growth)

  3. Playing while tilted and taking things too seriously. That means, bad decisions regarding pulls, raids, war hits. Stupid stuff.


Two .
In the first week I fed gems to speed up building SH from the first lot we got, thinking they would be replaced ( I was f2p then)
Second, And very common, ate my first (and second) Wu


I’ve started too aggressive, thinking that money would get me somewhere fast… And I was wrong… This game is all about patience, it’s a marathon, not a sprint…
And, by not making additional teams, just focused on leveling up my primary team, I’ve ended up losing an Epic hero… That was an expensive mistake to make…
Now playing slowly, having 6 teams for different tasks, mostly for Alliance Wars…
Replaying previous missions in order to level up… Waiting until I’m ready to continue with current missions… Gathering resources, building infrastructure, crafting a lot…
I used to be frustrated at the beginning, not anymore…
This’s game that should be played for years not days and they did that part very good…
In short from hating the game I turned to love it when I changed my approach to the game and my way of thinking…
To all newbies, money won’t get you anywhere… You might get some awesome 5 * heroes, but you’re gonna stuck in both leveling them up or ascending them unless you’re really ready to spend like thousands of dollars… And I can’t and don’t want to play that way, even if I could…
Even if you’re ready to spend that amount of money, there’s still luck factor and you might end nowhere at all…
Some of my mistakes so far… More to make… But that’s a good thing about this game… You can always redo things in a better way…
Or you can start reading this forum and learn something from mistakes made by others… I don’t think that lots of players are doing that… And that’s also a mistake :woman_shrugging:


All right let’s see

  • Feeding leveled 2-3* away, because why would I need them after getting higher stars, right? Then I saw my first challenge event and was like “Oh”. Goes without saying that I didn’t do very well in the first event.
  • Killing off my first Wu Kong. 32% miss chance? No thanks!
    Luckily I got another one now.
  • Letting my 2 Groots eat each other. I don’t regret it that much, but with war and everything an additional Horghhall might still have some use.
  • Deleting my Arman and Rudolph as well as some leveled 3*s. I wanted to make 5 mono colour teams for the challenge events and only the best of the best have a place. Propably should have waited until I actually have better ones. Also found out that family bonus doesn’t work with 5 Gatos.
  • Buying the 1500 gem offer (2 3* heroes, 2 3* troops and 4 Epic tokens), because I thought the 3* troops in there were leveled (after all they showed up as maxed when I clicked on them). Well… they were not.

I think the last one is my biggest mistake. 1500 gems as a very C2P hits hard. 6 3*s and 400 troop exp wasn’t worth it.


Ascending Aegir to 4/80 assuming HotM would make him good without thinking about it more. Come on version 20!


Lol . About a year ago being pretty new to the game, I think I was around level 12 or 15 I had Wu and Broil almost completely leveled up. I then got my first 5-star hero and fed them to her. I’ve never had another Wu,. I did get 2 more of Broil eventually.


Oh so many mistakes…

Used gems to buy ham in order to level 3s, used gems to get iron as well. Fed away an entire team of 3s to the first 4s regardless of color (Bane!).

After having realized colour feeding had a better outcome I then proceeded fo feed Fed Wu Kong to Leonidas and Kiril to Grimm cause who needs a fickle monkey and more than one healer (only thing stopping me from feeding scrawny Grimm away was the lack of a blue 5*).

By mistake fed a leveled Boldtusk nr 1 to Kelile. Boldtusk nr 2 got the lock as have all heroes worth saving since…

Got very happy pulling Groot.

Did at first not get how to save teams in the slots, regularly changed the roster for the one slot I used trying out new heroes and could for the life of me not understand why I got totally bashed in raids every night (still happens but nowadays at least they go down with some more dignity, poor fellas).

And speaking of above, clicked on the wrong team while fighting a purple titan just minutes ago and went in with 2 purple, 2 squishy greens, 1 red and nil yellows.


Attaching my debit card to it :sweat_smile: