Worst HOTM Luck?

I have summoned roughly 100-120 times during the 3 Atlantis events alone, and roughly 200-300 total summons since beginning the game in May and I have never received any of the HOTM. I didn’t pay it any mind until recently but it is bothering me. Am I crazy bad luck or is this relatively common? 1.3% isn’t common…but odds say I should have anywhere from 2-4 by now.

Not complaining, just curious.


It’s a common occurrence, unfortunately

I’m in the same boat. Seeing people use one summon token and get a 5* hero + HOTM is frustrating.

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I did 180 pulls in Atlantis and got 1 Aegir. I know an alliance mate did over 200 pulls to get a Drake Lee.

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It took me year to get first HoM and that was Gravemaker. After that I have pulled almost every HoM(Khiona is only one, which I don’t have). This month maybe 20 summons and two Aegirs. And there were HoMs, which I really try it to get like Alasie. Saved gems for that two months and no luck. :disappointed_relieved:I think, I have increase my spending, but not that much. So luck can chance, sometimes game hates you and sometimes it loves you. :wink:

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Your chance of not getting a HOTM on 1 summon is 98.7%.
100 summons = 27%
200 summons = 7.3%
300 summons = 1.97%

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The current hotm is Aegir you not missing anything. Save your gems/coins for next month we are almost there.

Remember you can’t get hotm on silver coins or epic Troop tokens so don’t count those. Only elemental chest epic hero tokens and Atlantis pulls (and the occasional event pulls)

Yep I’ve done over 200 summons in the past year. No HOTM for me either.

It seems to vary widely. My second account is incredibly lucky. It started out with summoning Alberich with a token when he was first introduced. That account was F2P until January/February the next year and I succeeded in getting Every HoTM with tokens on that account. The first HoTM that I paid money for summons to get on that account was Zeline. My other account, on the other hand, has had average to poor luck and in some months have paid embarrassing amounts of money to get the HoTM. My second account continues the luck and has gotten Misandra and 2 Aegir with either tokens or Atlantis tokens this month. It varies.

Hmmm… Interesting. How much is that I wonder :smirk:

It took me (at least) 357 pulls over 8 months to get an HOTM and >130 pulls to get my first 5* in any event (Richard). I have never pulled a featured hero on 246 Atlantis pulls. I say at least because I didn’t track my first month playing so there were at least 10-20 pulls there extra. Fyi, I also have an awful 4* troop pull record (3.3% over 91 pulls).

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