Worst Hero you leveled up and then came to regret

No doubt. She hasn’t left my line up for over a year. Best striker I got, til I got Fenrir recently.

Clarissa is my regret. Seems like a maybe in a multi dark group.

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He’s Evelyn’s Buddy for Blue titans!

Vivica? She’s slow, but very powerful and a rare yellow healer. She should be useful in some fashion?

Clarissa is disappointing taken by herself…but when part of a dark stack she is awesome. That elemental link defense is an A-grade skill. Her damage is ok too.

I’m finishing Kashrek because I pulled his costume,which looks real good nah?


Try flanking him with Khyona and you will change your mind!

Do nerfs to heroes count here? Because I’d never have given Vela 6 scopes if I had known they cripple her a few months down the road.

Other than that I’d probably go with Inari. At first she served her purpose but she gets no play time at all from me now. I do wish I had not used darts on her to a large extent.


I still find Vela VERY useful, but that’s just me. She is similar to Zeline in many ways and Zeline is far from obsolete.

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Vela is the hero I hate seeing the most on defense even with all her nerfs.



He is so bad.

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Vela doesn’t scare me at all and is virtually worthless on offense now. I would’ve taken many other heroes to 4th ahead of her if I had known she would be nerfed like she was. It was complete fraud and I greatly regret giving her any highly valuable mats.


Then beware leveling any hero, ever. SG retain the right to nerf any hero they see fit, at any time. Their game, their rules, so keep that in mind. :wink:

the costume is good. I only maxed my Kash because of the costume - but that heal boost has saved me in many battles.

boosting health rather than bust healing means timing is less important… and one can stock up on the health repeatedly

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I hear a lot of times that Ranvir is worst hero.
I must disagree that. I use him mostly in my yellow titan team. And yes, I have also Miki. I use Miki on all other color titans.

Just make sure you use only yollow heroes. Then only the yellow tiles have a chance to miss.

With Vivica costume, Jackal, Norns, Neith and Ranvir I get 50-70k hits easily without heavy items.
Than I speak about level 12 - 14 titans. With heavy items the scores go to 100k. With Miki they are a little bit lower.

About my worst hero. I think that is Guardian-Owl. That was my second yellow 5* hero (after Ranvir). I only used him as defense on the outside wing position. Now I am leveling my Joon Costume and is gonna replace my Owl. When that happens, I think I never gonna use my Owl ever again… Maybe on fast 5* tournaments…

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Maybe Ranvir isn’t the worst HOTM, but I got two of him and I’ve hardly used them. I hate Wu Kong because of his lack of precision, then imagine Ranvir. The amount of fails used to be so high that took me to desperation.

Quizás Ranvir no sea el peor HOTM, pero tengo dos de él y apenas los he usado. Odio a Wu Kong por su falta de precisión, entonces imagina a Ranvir. La cantidad de fallos solía ser tan alta que me desesperaba.

Don’t forget the elemental link of Ranvir. +46% defense against purple for 4 turns. That is so helpful against the purple titan.

Margaret before her buff!


I’ve been using him for a year+ and didn’t even realise he had that. Thanks!

She’s in no way the worst hero ever (she is actually quite amazing) but I highly regret maxing my Delilah this past month for a few reasons.

I lack a lot of cleansers in my roster so having my healer not provide all the support I need sucks. I either have to sacrifice one of my hard hitters for someone who can provide the additional support that Delilah lacks or just suffer through ailments.

Delilah shines on defense when she can use her talent to revive. But Delilah is not strong enough to outclass any members on my current defense team and the majority of my fighter emblems are on my +20 Killhare so i can’t fully utilize her revive.

So it’s not that she’s terrible, she just hasn’t been working out for me and I wish I used those darts on someone else :frowning:

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