Worst Hero you leveled up and then came to regret

I don’t know about you but when i started playing this game i was young and naive, pulling hero’s just to pull them. I was an idiot man-child who just wanted heroes for the sake of heroes. Did a nonevent legendary 10 draw (Before HoTM) and got him… Obakan, my 2nd 5 star hero. I went and then grinded out the dark heroes to max him out, once id did i put him on my roster and he was TRASH. Highhandedly the WORST 5 star I’ve had so far. I still kick myself for wasting the materials to ascend him.

Now that i told you my story of regret, tell me. What character higher than 4 stars do you regret leveling?


Second Wu Kong

Never used them


Norns was very disappointing. I’d rather have a 2nd Joon.

It’s funny that Obakan is your example…I’ve had terrible luck at pulling purples, my only ones are Grimble and Freya (both max). I DO have an Obakan sitting there…kinda tempting…got 12 tabards…


Inari. Just never found her useful. There are SEVERAL 4s I use instead of her. (Emb’d jackal, mist, gretel, but they might not even need the emblems for me to use them over Inari.)

Honorable mention goes to Guinevere. My alliance (Crew-Saders) used yellow tanks forever, and I never had her. Finally pulled her during Avalon last winter, fed her all my Wizard emblems, and then we switched to green tanks a couple months later. She’s been riding my bench ever since. (The emblems have since been moved, thankyouverymuch.)


Khagan. Although I used him in last war and I won:)

But I have so many good red heros I could use these 6 rings.

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You never used Marjana? This is the red 5* right?


All he does is do meh damage and set up a counter attack on himself. He’s been nothing but a waste of XP to me.

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I never had any want for Inari, her special seemed like its so luck intensive that it wouldn’t work for me. Even Mother Norths 50% chance will fail but at least i get a minion and 30% Heath back. :joy: :joy:

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I never cared for Inari in theory (don’t have her), but I did max C.Kadilen, and find the dodge+minion VERY helpful on offense.

Aegir before his buff


Yes. Never found something that she could do.

Tile damage sucks, her skill is meh compared to other red heroes that I use. Even emblemed her and took all emblem off because didn’t help that much.

Not saying she’s bad she just doesn’t fit my need or combo well with my people.


I got him post buff through the Atlantis Summon. I love him as my defensive tank now.

I dig my Obakan. Was my 2nd dark 5* and I used to use him all the time. Sure, there are better heroes out there. But he is fast and can sneak up on an opponent. Plus high tile damage for titans. While I don’t use him much anymore, he was a staple of my team for a long time while I was growing.

I get it though. Hits like a poweder puff and his counterattack only effects him. I still think he has a place in the game for some players.


My least used 5* heroes are Azlar and Leonidas. But they had their time and place. Leo was my very first holy 5* so he was big for me. Now he just sits on the bench most of the time.

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I spend half my days despising Ranvir and wishing I could get the blind centaur git an appointment at Specsavers


100% Agwe. I had so many blue MATs (Still do) and the only 4 I had for a long time was Agwe. Total turd, only use late in war IF there are red teams that need attending to.

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Ahhh fair enough. I thought you said you never used her and I found it somewhere baffling to not at least try her out a bit considering time and resources to ascend her.

I like her, but I only have a few maxed 5*s of each colour so far so she gets plenty of raid time.

Hopefully she gets a costume that you can use in the future. :+1:


If Inari did damage like cKad does, AND was fast mana, I bet I’d find her less useless! LOL. I’m in the middle of leveling a cKad of my own now, in fact.

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I am just curious to know other red sniper /other red you have?

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I regret maxing Danzaburo, I maxed him when I was in platinum because he often wrecked my team on defense but I was utterly disappointed in him on offense, he hit snowflake way too often

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