Worst Farming Loot Ever?

I just got a truly quality loot drop from 8-7. The RNGods are clearly angered, and require a sacrifice. Unfortunately, I’m all out of feeder Wu Kongs.


Anyone able to top this?


I had one sword and one veggie before :rofl::rofl:

But both are pretty bad hey

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At least you got a sword. I still use all of those that i get.

That’s ridiculous for 8-7 :laughing:

I promise you, I still use swords too. Why, did you have one with no swords and not much else?

I had 6 straight runs with no packs OR swords. Using all my world energy, 31, i ended up getting 2 swords and 1 pack. It’s making me look to other placed to farm!

Oh! That would drive me nuts. I only farm 8-7 to fill the monster chests because it gives the best average loot per MOB. There are some really nice spots in S2 for regular farming though.

Yeah, i just realized i never finished the last 10 Atlantis levels, so i just did those. I’ve also been working on the levels with the undead privateers so fill that mission for the avatar I’ll never use. But since I’m leveling a rainbow of 5*, 4 of them in tier 3, I’m trying to get as many recruits as possible to make heros for feeding.

I was running short of swords and backpacks because that’s what I create feeders with. But once TC19 become an availability, the sword and packs count came back up (I think last I checked I have about 1k swords and 600 packs), so I am no longer actively looking for swords/packs.

I have approximately 4.3k rugged clothes saved up prior to my first TC19 session (approximately 4 months ago) that I could use for the feeders. Now I have TC20 x 3 running all the time and the 4th is still waiting to be upgraded (currently on 16), so I will occasionally use a few swords and packs (limited by the recruits I have at the time, of course) while other buildings are being upgraded. Eventually once that last TC is fully leveled, I will start to dip into the rugged clothes supply again, which is also building back up at the moment.