Worst draws


Thought I would start a fun post for worst draws in the game. I probably should have taken screenshot, but I just got 1 bear banner and 1 gem from Mystic Vision :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I get one banner (or one axe) and a gem ALL the time.

Honestly though, itโ€™s better than getting a bunch of 4* dragon bones and then 1* ascension mats from an 8* titan. Iโ€™ve gotten more ascension mats from mystic visions than from any other source.


This was my worst draw or at least worst I can recall. I agree that some titans have really bad draws too. I think it would be fun to collect some in one spot so we can share and laugh at our collective pain.


This was my Titan loot today:

This was my Mystic Vision loot:


Thats awesome mystic loot!