Worst 5* hero poll

  • Mok-Arr
  • Margaret
  • Obakan
  • Elkanen
  • Kadilen
  • Leonidas
  • Thorne
  • Horghall
  • Guardian Owl
  • Guardian Kong
  • Aegir
  • Khagan

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Guardian Owl is awesome, what’s he doing there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ouch! I thought Margie was gonna run away with this one. But someone actually voted for my “beloved” Obakan as the worst? :cry:

I kid. I don’t really love Obie Kan Donuthing. But I think he’s slightly more useful than Margie. He has helped me win some pretty tough raids (on offense, at least… every time I put him on defense, I drop more cups than a drunk bartender)

EDIT: Ohh yes, I see a vote for Mok-Arr, almost forgot about him (probably because I never see him). He’s pretty awful too. But could be useful in a mono purple stack, at least.


No Atomos?..20 Atomos


Yeah, and where’s atomos?


Hey! We actually lose more cups when sober! Stop camparing us to waiters!

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My bad! I considered saying waiters, but figured bartenders probably deal with more cups overall… plus sometimes they do those fancy flipping bottles around and sliding the drink across the bar stuff. But you’re right, waiters certainly can’t hold their liquor nearly as well as bartenders. :wink:

My suggestions to fix Margaret is either, make it all heroes in stead of caster and nearby, or make her special “reshuffles the board and for every match, gains a small amount of Mana”.


My girlfriend has a Margie, she would probably appreciate that. She keeps saying “I should just get rid of her”… I tell her no, no, she’s a five star… don’t level her up, but don’t get rid of her just yet… they might actually fix her some day.

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Voted Obakan, but would have gone with Atomos, if it was listed. Margaret is also a very strong contender. There 3 are the only heroes I would never bother levelling, let alone max.

Mok-Arr and Guardian Kong are actually good on offence and has strong synergies in their color, so I think they are niche heroes, but kind of underrated here.

Aegir, Elkanen, Kadilen, Leonidas, Thorne are absurd to list. They are mid-tier heroes if anything.


My vote would go to guardian chemeleon but given that isn’t an option I will say Mok-Arr.

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Oh, I’m not claiming we don’t drop things. You found the key words, ‘bottles’. The cups and glasses normally just stand there while we pour stuff into them so it’s actually a little hard for us to drop them. Flask, bottles, shakers on the other hand :joy::joy:

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Only reason I maxed Obakan is because he was my first 5* hero ever (after waiting 6 months to finally pull one)…

Left him at 3/70 for several more months as I waited for another purple 5* to come along. They never did. Got a few more 5s in other colors, but no purples. So finally I shrugged and reluctantly gave Obi the tabards.

He does okay, offensively. Not game changing by any stretch of the imagination, but he does a little bit of damage here and there, and enemy AI is oftentimes stupid enough to target him when he’s got his reflect on… even if he dies in the process, he usually takes somebody else with him. So, moderately useful as a distraction.

Margaret is gonna run away with this one because she became kinda of meme.

But the ultimate worst hero is by far Mok-Arr. There is absolutely no situation where he’s useful. You might say “in a dark stack” but his damage output is not big enough to justify adding him to a stack. Sabina has only 50 less attack than him - a freaking 4* healer!
Heroes with downsides are supposed to be overpowered (Springvale heroes are obviously the best examples) on the good side of their special but Mok-Arr manages somehow to be underpowered. 250% at 749 attack?! Really?! Useless idiot.

Obakan would be a close second but at least he has counter-attack - while not dangerous, there’s some utility to it.

I think it’s unfair we include Season 1 heroes like Horghall, Obakan, Kadilen etc because they were designed at a different point in the game. Only the most basic Season 1 heroes (Healers, Snipers) really hold up to this day. All heroes that tried to be different have been outclassed by HOTMs or event heroes. Otherwise, Khagan and Leonidas should also take a lot of votes.

Seeing Aegir in the poll - wow, how the mighty fall. When I first started playing Aegir was all the rage and he was all I ever wanted. I pulled a lot for him when he was featured the last time - I got Alby instead and I’m so happy I did, Aegir is great but highly situational. That being said - he has no place in a poll like this. He might be niche, but there are way worse heroes out there.

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I think Leonidas is definitely bottom tier, but the other 4 have no business on this list. As I mentioned in my other post I think it’s a bit unfair to treat any Season 1 hero as the “worst” hero.

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Trying to include Atomos, but for some reason it won’t let me edit :frowning:

Polls have a very short time limit before becoming locked to prevent manipulation :man_shrugging:t3:

was about to start an epic rant on kadilen’s inclusion in this list, then i just saw 0 votes and immediately started feeling better. my mood is strongly tied to daily polls on games


The reason I voted for Margie is because, in my experience when facing her in raids, I usually kill her before she can cast her special. And that’s with her having very fast mana!

Even if she does manage to pull off her special, it only gives the opponents a chance to evade my specials, and I still kill her in the next couple of turns. Then her special is gone and I can go back to wiping up the rest of the team as if she never even existed.

Almost just seems like a placeholder hero for someone who wants to put up a 5* rainbow defense and didn’t have any other greens.

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I use him in wars and titans. With defense down, his damage makes him worthwhile in war hits

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