Worst 5* hero in the game

He was nerfed in beta

Originally he was kind of like a green ares which gave him a use

They took that away and made him a lump of crap

They do that sometimes

Hope he gets a buff and i hope you get whatever green hero can help you the most in your gameplay

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I always tell my alliance members when I am giving my opinion on a hero that if you only have that one hero then it is a great hero. However, I think in general people mean that there are better heroes in the game and if you have them or the means to get them then it is not the best idea to max them. In your case, those aren’t horrible. I have Elena as well, I got her as my 2nd 5* after Khagan. Luckily the day I decided to max Khagan over Elena, I did a single Atlantis pull and out popped Mitsuko. 0.3% chance as a non-featured hero too!.
I do like Elena and Khagan but there’s an example of what I mean. Given those 3, Mits is the best. But before I got her, I decided to max Khagan though I got about equal votes here in the forum for Elena as well. I also have Obakan and Domitia and chose to max Domitia. Again, if I had Sartana or one of the crazy purples like Ursena, Seshat, Hel, Kage, etc. I would have benched her but given the choice of Obakan and her, I maxed Domitia and really don’t regret it.
Hope that clarifies things and I think that is mainly how others compare as well. Like others have said, the best 5* is the one you have.


I think Hel is the worst 5* by far. Totally useless


I’d argue Gravy is even worse

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For me the worst hero its Anzogh. light blow, a very small healing, average mana generation, and you need at least another 2 heroes in pair to make it to work for you. And this is hero of the month!!!


This thread is revisiting old ground:
Worst / Most useless 5* hero
but since we’re 50 posts in, I’m going to leave this thread open instead of merging into a dead thread.


I’m casting my vote for Atomos. As others have said, he has a weak attack, unhelpful stats, and a marginally useful self-resurrection that can be dispelled (or, better, stolen by Hatter). Seriously, Muggy is a better hero.



20 Bruiser Bros!

Atomos was way cooler as a boss (ala G.Owl) than as a real hero.

Atomos could do with a major attack buff, G. Owl could do with a stat & speed increase too.

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is it because Bruiser Bro is undispellable? :thinking:

Lol what a slap in the face to Atomos, seriously.

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I have Greg and Thorne on my alt they DO work fine.

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Yeah, Atomos’ last fight gave me actually more trouble than Ursena herself. Owl is pretty annoying as a boss too especially if flanked by Jackal.

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Why Greg is bad? I like him a lot, and his crit is cool. I love Melia and Gregorion feels like her big brother.


Funny about Muggy. The crazy thing is that I only saw muggy when he was released in Atlantis. While I really wanted 5* heroes I figured I wouldn’t mind a 3* with his attack (harder than Thorne). I did my first pull and got Mitsuko and was INSANELY happy. The crazy thing is that I pulled Muggy on my next and last pull. 2 pulls and I got a great hero and muggy who I think is great for a 3*. Very squishy but his special is unique and I love the way the heroes come back as more muggies. I wish they would come back as muggy in different colors like an actual chameleon but at least the background color changes.


I think most people would agree with some of them but Greg is a great hero. Like Lianna but a little weaker but with some utility. There is a whole thread discussing which is actually better. Perseus gets a lot of hate here but I see him very often in diamond and wars making me wonder if he is a guilty pleasure that people talk bad about but secretly like so they use him…LOL. Khagan isn’t as bad after the buff and if I didn’t get Mitsuko I would have given him my rings over Elena. Obakan I got with Domitia and he sits at 1.1 and I have mats to max him but am waiting for Sartana.
Thorne is generally agreed on to be the worst blue and the worst 5* which is actually sad since his art is pretty cool IMO.


Ooo. Are you listening, SGG? We need this. Loved finishing a tournament fight last week with 5 chameleon heroes (I think actual Muggy was still Muggy!) but this would have made it even cooler.


Atomos: will he ever get buffed one day ?
Sg: Why doing that for an awesome looking hero with an epic special animation ?

Guardian Owl: no comment

Guin: sometime the best is the worst… Tired of fighting her… Overrated

MN: 50% to revive ? Seriously SG ? Same reasons than Guin.

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My 3 x 5* Green heroes are Atomos, Elkanen and Kadilen

I’m seriously considering leveling Kadilen at this point because I’m running out of 4* greens to max (unless I go for a round of dupes or only work on 3*).

I can’t say how much I hate Atomos and Elk.

At least Kadilen’s damage is steady and she has that SS shield for all in FAST.

Is she still bad? Sure… but could work with my Ranvir raiding strategy


The best hero is the one that you have available… make the best possible use of this, take advantage and enjoy it immensely !!! You have great heros!!


I’ve lost a few raids when an emblemed Kadilen fired. I have new-found respect for her.


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