Worst 3*, 4* & 5*'s "Newb Question"

Ok, So I see everyone asking what are the best 3*, 4* & 5*'s, but what are the ones to stay away from and use to feed the better ones?

The problem with this is it really depends on who you have.

Thorne is widely considered a crappy 5*, but if he’s the only blue 5* you have… then he’s not too bad. :wink:

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That always depends my dear. Every hero had is pros and contras. Thorne is a bit bad tho… too low defense for a five star.

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In my often uneducated opinion:

Friar Tuck - heal three is much less useful than belith

Greymane, Renfeld and Prisca - the hit a bit/heal a bit thing just dilutes them. And why does purple need two?

Carver - armed with a small stick and a pen knife, this guy is less intimidating than a teenager on a street corner. But does this translate to game utility? Yes, he’s trash.

Dawa - ‘leaping attack’? Really? Don’t worry Balthazar, save your electric shock of death, I’ll…jump at them…

Skittleskull - high tile damage is nullified by her kill-ability and underwhelming special compared to Little John and Colen

Melendor/Sabina - too fragile and quake in Rigard’s mighty shadow

Friar Tuck - also, what’s in his big green bottle-balls?

Hu Tao - no wonder pandas are almost extinct with his lame flashlight special, to quote Toy Story:



No one can complain about Thorne’s defense (793) and health (1421). The problem is with his attack stat, that is lower than most 4* blue heroes have.

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Thorne is one of the most (in)famous ones!
Just look this link! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite feed, but commonly kept to 3/70 or less 5*. Kadelin, elkanen are pretty underwhelming. Obakan is sometimes nicknamed obacrap.

Then there are event or HOTM that’s pretty bad. Guardian owl, boss wolf, ThothAmun are pretty close if not trash tier.

5*: Thorne, Guardian Owl,(Boss Wolf)
4*: Hu tao, Boomer
3*: Tuck, Greymane, Prisca, Renfield, Dawa, Jahangir, Oberon

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Re Melendor/Sabina, you don’t think the buff removal makes up for the squishiness?

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Rigard. He’s the first hero I ascended to 4th tier. But he’s not so helpful when the enemy pops a Wu Kong or BT. Or a defensive buff, like tankzilla the lizard. Or reflect damage (which is shockingly lethal in gold tier without a buff remover).

Also, you seem to have an unhealthy fascination with Friar Tuck’s flail :wink:


I consider Dawa to be the 3* Thorne. I don’t understand what purpose she was created for. Oberon is also pretty unappealing.

I can’t think of a “worst” 4* for some reason. Hu Tao is very “meh” compared to others in his class but im not sure if he’s truly bad. I accidentally fed unlevled Hu Tao to Vivica when I was selecting feeders too quickly and didnt really regret it however.

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Note: I am most familiar with 4* heroes, so I’ll be using them in my reply.

Sabina is a great 4* healer. I don’t know why people on the forums have been dumping so much hate on her. I swapped to rigard for a few offensive raids and quickly swapped back to her. The reason? Just about everything that woulda killed her killed him too, and she can cleanse reposte and defense buffs from my enemies.

She was my first maxed 4* hero and I’ve loved having and using her. There’s also a lot of hate for chao, my first maxed 4* yellow, and again I’ve used him with great effect and don’t regret maxing him.

A lot of the 4* heroes people are mentioning work well on defense (I hate when a hu tao goes off on me) and I’ve heard other people use and love them on offense.

Whatever team you end up using the most often will likely become your favorites, even if other people consider them bad. The reason is because you learn how to use them; you learn their strengths and weaknesses and how to synergize them with the rest of your team.

Pick the heroes with the specials and mana speeds that interest you and seem to fit your play style the best and go with it. It doesn’t cost any nonfarmable items (warm capes, compasses, gloves, etc) to get a 4* hero to ascension 3 level 60, so if they’re not working for you by then, set them aside to use for wars and try another hero.


3* heroes are relatively quick to level. So the harm in dumping recruits into one is minimal. Unless you’re P2W, you may as well level the 3* you get while you’re waiting for a 4* or a better 3* to come along. If you really happen to have a ton of 3* and want to know who not to waste effort on, my votes would be:

Friar Tuck: you need healers that heal the whole group far more than you need +mana at low levels.

Graymane, Priscia, and Renfield: They just don’t do damage fast enough; killing the enemy fast saves a LOT of hit points, while self-heal only restores a few. Their reduced damage is a bad trade for their self-heal.

Ishtak, Karil and Dawa: area of effect damage that doesn’t also apply a status effect is weak. Much better to just hit one enemy hard than three enemies softly. One dead enemy is gone from the match; three weakened enemies can still do damage and can still heal.

Carver: The mana reduction is just too small to make up for the weak area of effect damage


Healing effect of Sabina and Rigard is the same 42%. Sabina has higher attack (699 vs 595 of Rigard). Actually, it is good to have both of them. If you deal with Colen, Azlar, Gravemaker and other heroes that curse your team, Rigard is invaluable and no other 4* can replace him.
Sabina is important against reposte and buffers.
On the other hand, as a dispeller she can be replaced with Caedmon or Sonya.


Mel has a really high tile damage, a solid heal, and enemy dispel. Not bad. Ideally you will eventually(hopefully) have all 5 4* healers leveled for versatility in raids/wars/challenges. I just wouldn’t say any of them are “bad”. I’d rather have any of them than say, kelille

Pretty sure Jonah was just having fun. There’s no hate on Sabina, not really.

I also prefer the stats of Sabina over Rigard tbh. If you get screwed by the board, Rigard’s defense wont save you. That’s true. But stats isn’t what makes Rigard shine. Rigard is preferred and picked to level before Sabina (assuming one has both) because his team cleanse is a rarer special. Maybe not a big deal for PvM but pretty huge for raid/war. You can get Sabina’s dispel enemy buffs from 3 other common 4 stars heroes, Melendor, Sonya, Caedmon. To get a team based cleanse you’d need to move to 5* heroes like vivica, lady Locke and Zimkitha. That alone makes Rigard valuable in ways Sabina couldn’t match. It’s not Sabina’s fault she’s more replaceable on a roster but it is what it is. I think both are fine heroes though.

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Indeed, indeed.

My answer is a little over the top. Too much sitting on the fence doesn’t make this kind of thread very entertaining.

Although I do think that Rigard is the superior 4* healer, the others all have uses.

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I wouldn’t say replaced exactly, as they serve different purposes with their main skill. If you don’t have room on your team for two healers, or you need for example boldtusk for the second healer because of his att buff, and your enemy has more reposte and team buffing heroes than DOT heroes, you want sabina on your team over rigard.

I know that sounds very specific, but believe it or not that happens more often than not on my raids. Rigard is quite valuable and I’m happy to have him, but I’d rather bring Hansel over Caedmon and grimm over sonya, so i tend to favor sabina. She is quite irreplaceable on my team.

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