Worst 10x pulls ever!

Just got this terrible 10x pull. Only slightly interesting hero was Jott who I already have. I was wondering if someone could top this bad 10x pull. Show me what you got.

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I just assume it will be 10×S1 3* and save my gems lol


2 Jotts!

That’s actually an “alright” 10 summon.

I’ve had 10 S1 3* multiple times


I dunno, 10 pulls like this are pretty much the standard. You got 2 season 3 epics, so it’s not even really bad.


Styx was terrible, but I did just 10 pulls. Not a single event hero, quite literally.

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I had bad 10-pulls too.

I did in total 23 summons and the best hero I got was Griffin.
Wow, I still can feel that bitter taste…


I don’t have a screenshot, but once did a 10x pull with 1x Kashhrek and 9 dupe 3*s (mix of S1 and S3)…


Lots of contenders for winning. And by winning I mean losing the most. Unfortunately it will require a screenshot to get this award of infamy.

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I did a few weeks ago a 10-pull in which I only got S1 3*…


Here’s your winner. Mainly because there aren’t any s1 heroes in that portal…

Sorry, a pull with zero Friars Tuck cannot qualify for “Worst.”

When I pull Friar Tuck, I feed him to a real hero immediately.
When I pull two Friars Tuck, I feed one to a real hero and set the other on fire as a sacrifice to please the gods.
When I pull three Friars Tuck, I invade Finland.


Why would you torture a good hero with that type of indigestion?? Cruel and unusual…


Get over it this isn’t close to the worst 10 pull ever plenty of 10 3* S1s as mentioned

I get at least one Bane in every pull. I never used him even when I was at nothing but 2s and 3s. He is aptly named.

Here, I’ve fixed it for ya

Interesting bit of trivia. Ever wonder why they chose 63.1% as the rate for S1 3* heroes in a lot of the event summons? It’s such an odd number, right? Well maybe this is just coincidence, but maybe not:

If the chance to pull an S1 3* is 63.1%, as it is in most event portals, then the chance to get a 10-pull that is all S1 3* heroes is 1.0000676250%, ie, the same as the 1% chance for an event hero.

So for example, on average, for every person that got a 5* Styx hero with a single coin pull, someone else did a 10-pull and got 10 S1 3* heroes. The odds of either event happening are identical.

I suspect that this was by design, so the the best possible and worst possible outcomes would have equal odds.


No that’s not it 20chars

Aderyn is great on the 3 star raid tournies though. She’s saved a few battles for me. Of course she is my only 3 healer but still.

That is quite bad but at least you got 2 Hisan so you could use them as knights in chess.

No Dawa or Frair Tuck. So that is definitely not the worst pull :smile: