Worse of luck, some suggest?

I saw a video of the player “Ritopo”, he said he spent about 700$ and he has about 28 of 5* heroes.

Compare to me, I spent about 500$ to summon heroes and I got only 3 of 5* heroes.

What a worse of luck on me.
Or maybe I did wrong strategy about it?
Do you have any suggestion for me?

AFAIK, there is no fool-proof strategy to please RNGesus or any of the RNG gods (just like with any other god).


Where are you doing your summons?

I do not remember the times I pulls. I think it is about 160-170 pulls.

Epic hero summon about 40 pulls (no 5* heroes)
Elemental summon about 60-70 pulls (get 1 5* hotm)
Atlantis summon about 50-60 pulls (get 2 5* heroes ss1)

Sure you already know but all I can suggest is not do the Epic summon. Lowest chance of 5* and also same hero’s as from TC20.

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Dude, Ritopo spent $700 on ONE day to try for ONE some specific hero. Don’t think he got 28 heroes with $700. He must have spent at least 10x that.

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I know some one who spent 1500$ and didn’t get any new 5☆ heroes at all.

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So, I still have some luck. Thank you.

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