Worse odds than casino?

I’ve never try this offer, 600 gems for a chance to get ascension materials, I need the scope but I might spent 3000 gems and not even get it. Have anyone tried , any success? Thanks.

Don’t do it, I’ve only read bad results with these GET at Least 2 offers.

That’s right. Just lottery as all in the game. I do not recommend.

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Worst I saw was someone assumed that doing it 5 times like you are limited to, you will get all 10 items. They found out that that was not the case and they got only the farmable items in the group, not a single none farmable.

I would say it’s pretty hard to get the 4* item but it’s also rare that you would end up with all 2* craps if you spend all 3000 gems.

The 3* items come up 80-90% of the time, well at least based on my experience.

Why don’t the Devs, just offer a scope for 600 gems. It’s infuriating when you play for close to 4 months and got 4 scopes, and needing 6 to level your 5*, and you have to level another 2. If they want AW to work, then they need to release more ascension mats.


I don’t need 3* mats, just trying ascend my 5* , infuriating trying to get the last one or second last mats to max your hero.

If you want guarantee 4* item, you can wait for rare quest or limited-time offer in which they sell the telescope.

The rare quest for a telescope will probably come in 2 months or so. That’s a long time I know. :slight_smile:

Frostmarch quest is coming up next or 6-10 days from now and that is warm cape and telescope. And then in about another 2 months there is another guaranteed telescope with Frostmarch again.

If I don’t get a telescope any other way, in a little over 2 months I’ll be ascending Alasie with the final telescope.

4 months playing, you are a newbie, You should get mimimum get 6 telescopes a year, if you can beat Frostmarch.

6 scopes a year, 3 yrs to get my 3x 5*, max . Not spending anymore gems to summon . If you get ur heroes then u have to wait a year to max them.
Or take a risk and throw 600 gems for a chance to get a scope not guarantee.
Oh well Gacha.

Just passed 10 months playing and I got enough items to max 2 green 2 red 2 purple 1 yellow and more 5* soon to be maxed and I’m not even a big spender…under $900 CDN which is only like $750 USD. So it’s highly doable. Just save up all your items for a while and only use them on the heroes that are worthwhile. Can’t compete with the very top as they spend 10K, 20K and more in the top 10 and down to top 1000.

Frostmarch is coming on 19. September. There you can get both a cape and a scope.

750 U$ holy crap, that’s a PS4 and a few top games. TC20 for me. And a few very cheap offer on gems but not risking 600 gems for a chance to get a scope. like putting a $ 5 chip and hoping your number come up in a roulette wheel.


There are six scopes guaranteed per year from the rare quests. If you are active, watching mystic visions, filling chests, killing big titans, etc. then you will surely get more. I’ve gotten 20 scopes since starting in July 2017; maybe a couple of those were in purchased packages.

But back to the OP’s point – those Ascension Packs are long odds. I do not believe that the odds of getting each reward are the same.

We don’t know what the odds are, I don’t think any one have enough sample to work out the odds, personally, U$ 6. For a chance of getting a scope is a very expensive gamble…wish SG would just selling us these pack say 1200 gem for guarantee scope with epic + troop tokens.