Worse luck of all?

I realise this of a game of chance especially when claiming rewards our summoning. Hiweve, I am level 51 probably been playing over a year now and to this day I still do not have a green 4* troop, every other colour I have a 4* but no green! Anyone else beat that ? :slight_smile:

I’m level 56 and I’ve been playing for 20 months. Up until about six weeks ago I had no green 4* troops and no purple 4* troops.

(Then I got both, within a week of each other, so I guess you win.)

Lvl 63 here, Still have no yellow 4 star troop. Have over 5 4 star troops in all the other colours. Yellow just doesn’t seem to like me.

Wow! Winner :slight_smile: 63 and no yellow 4*

Haha, Yeah. One of these days i suppose its gonna have to come :smiley:

How far did u level ur 3*?

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