Wormwood raids - Shutting down a defense with Hansel & Merlin

How to use Hansel and/or Merlin effectively…

If you don’t have them, get them, if you have them, max them, if you have one, get two…

You can shut down an entire defense if you use Hansel/Merlin specials to force your opponents to waste their specials on themselves or each other. This leaves them at their most vulnerable as you can attack them for a minimum of 4 turns without worrying about retaliation. This is often enough time to for you to unleash your attack or counter with your own specials to pick them out one by one. Most importantly, it keeps your own heroes alive.

I hope you enjoy this video. There’s plenty more where that came from. I will be entertaining requests on showcasing certain hero combinations, color stacking and/or how to’s in general.

Thank You ! and happy raiding…

This is for instructional purposes only. Much respect to all of my opponents who are all of some of the highest caliber in their own right. I simply want to showcase different attacking techniques and how to leverage and combine hero specials effectively.

Syndicate of War

Line ID: wormwood9


Nice video! One trick to using Merlin/Hansel/Gretel effectively is this: after firing the special, pour tiles onto the afflicted foes. The more they charge, the more damage they self-inflict. This is a great way to clear out useless tiles (where you have a color void) and/or charge up your specials.

These mana-control heroes are most excellent in challenge events. Shut down those bosses!


You’re absolutely right… All day long… I’m considering doing a step by step vid on tips like the one you just brought up. I think it’s a great way for players to get more familiar with the heroes they have and have no clue the possible gems they got sitting around…

I’m testing the waters to see if people are interested in this sort of material.



I sometimes raid with Gretel and Wu doubled plus G Falcon and Gravemaker and a healer.

With two colors void of heroes, the use of those color tiles becomes very important once Gretel has fired. With luck a shard is ready and charging the mana becomes a weapon. Great stuff.


Shutting down a defense with Hansel & Merlin Pt.2
Leveraging an excellent board and making every move count.
Who should I use Hansel/Merlin specials on
What do I do after ?
Who should I kill first ?
When and how should I ghost tiles?
Matching tiles vertically vs horizontally…

How many things can u pick out ?


Sweet raid! You got very lucky with that purple-heavy starting board, but nonetheless fun to see how powerful timely use of Merlin and Hansel can be.

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That could’ve also turned into a “How to screw up a good board” tutorial, glad it didn’t, hahaha… But seriously, these two 4*s are real stars… I’ll use this this same team on any color tank when I’m feeling lazy…:grin:

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But if you’d screwed up, we’d never have seen the video… :wink:

I’ll have to play around with this team. I don’t usually raid with two healers, but I could make an exception, or just throw Thoth in instead of Rigard.

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There’s only one healer dear…

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Oops, yep. I’m just so used to Alberich sitting in the left corner, that seeing the shock of white hair on a green background didn’t connect in my mind to Zeline.


So I should max Hansel for Avalon

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Well, I can tell you that I maxed Hansel the same day he was released, used him on that event and every event there lafter… I’ve also completed legendary with him in the past. I suggest you get familiar with his special and his capabilities so you know what to expect. He’s just a cool cat in my book and one of my go-to heroes in raids…

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I’m working on Lianna now. He is next on my list

Thanks for the cool vids, @Wormwood.

I have Merlin maxed& with just him, I can cruise through the triple boss stage of the epic & legendary tiers of any event, plus the final stages of rare quests. I have Gretel waiting behind Vivica next up in my gold hero queue. I have all the items to ascend her, so I’m anticipating the fun of future raids.

Good to hear Merlin is working for you… He’s another rock star… He’s very close to being the same hero as Hansel. For me the biggest factor is the mana speed. I can get Zel and Hansel charged at the same time, but I sometimes have to wait a turn to get Merlin caught up to Sartana, that’s why I have to make sure my combos exceed the minimum required to get their specials ready.

As for Gretel, I have a few vids with her as well. I’ve been pairing her up with Joon and Guin. But also with Chao. I have a hard time keeping her alive against these OP teams, but she excels just like Hansel against less powerful teams. That’s my experience so far. I still think she’s worth maxing and using her in a similar fashion as Hansel/Merlin… Good luck…

I absolutely agree on Merlin. I have him myself, and he is one of the most fun heroes to play with. Helped me get stronger in events and rare quests as well. Still hoping to get a Hansel and/or Gretel sometime in the future…

Thanks for posting videos, nice choice of music as well. :slight_smile:

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Your Merlin vid disappointed me…Gwen died too soon lol. I wanted to see what she did when hit by Merlin’s special.

Can you tell us how that goes, please. I expect a flock of her will be on def teams soon after the event.


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Solid strategy! I use them both.

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lol, thanks… I’m sure I have a video showing just that laying around. I’ll try to find an example… Basically, it works like everyone else. If she’s hit by Hansel’s special she’ll get some damage plus her mana will drain to 50%. If she’s hit by Merlin her mana is completely depleted and she attacks a random ally with minor damage… Guin can die easily if you have the right strategy, but she can still be extremely efficient if you can’t dispose of her quickly, which is why most top players still use her. Quite possibly, still the best tank in the game…

I ran that team for a long while now… Yes, extremely effective… I’m shifting towards a 2-1-2 strategy these days… The only caveat is Merlin’s average mana… It doesn’t always charge at the same time as Sartana’s or the other heroes and you can lose momentum and at times fall just a tad bit short of an attack because of that extra 2 tiles needed to charge him. Ghosting tiles whenever possibly eliminates that issue of course…

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