World Turtle Day sale

Okay. The green mutant turtle guy FREAKS me out.

I would explain but @Rook would put an end to that real soon. And rightfully so, I may add. Rightfully so indeed.

Now on to the deals. SG said they were experimenting with these. There’s again a small deal, for 250 diamonds and a big deal, for 9.750 diamonds. The big deal is just too big for me. I’ll refrain from further comments on that one: I’m just not the target audience.

The small deal could be interesting for me. I might take it. I’m just mildly annoyed at recruits II not giving an epic troop token which puts me off from buying such a token in a sale. And there’s no unfarmable ascension material in the small deal. That’s a bit of a showstopper as well.

And the turtle dude freaks me out. At least I learned today that I’m forever happy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kept their shell on. So: “learn a new thing every day” = check! :smiley:


You forgot to mention that the turtle is mad creepy looking.


I bought it, the 250 gems deal is really nice.
In really the best case we get a single Epic summon for 260 gems (2600 for 10).
This offer gives us a troop token and 5 turtle banner extra for only 250 gems.

I got Bane and a 3* Troop but that is just my bad luck :smile: maybe the next offer gives me HotM and a new 4* Troop :joy:

Pay for illusion of winning.

Wonder why they’d rather get US$100 bucks from , say, 1000 players than US$ 10 from 100.000


Now that you mention it…

Short question. If I buy an epic hero token in today’s sale and use it during the next event, will I have the chance to draw the event hero from it?

You normally can’t use the epic token for the Event Summons or Elemental Summons.

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I did it the little one, and I got the hero of the month!!! Alasie is mine!

Does anyone know if the turtle is actually available as a hero?


Love alasie…grats in pulling her

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I don’t know, but it’s much closer to worthwhile this time: The tokens alone represent 8400 gems. That leaves 1350 for a Damascus Blade, 2 trap tools, 2 shields, 2 compasses, and 5 titan flasks…

Grats on Alasie :slight_smile: i paid a lil bit more for her, because i really wanted her.

To the offer. I liked the 250 Gems one, so i bought it.

For the 9750 deal. Sorry they are really ad absurdum.


Late last night as I was going to check the progress one more time before going to bed, and this banner popped right in front of my phone.

I was like… World Turtle Day, and oh look, a long hair green skinned turtle gir……

OMG, She-Hulk, Sacajawea, Cowabanga that’s a turtle dude!

I couldn’t really sleep well after seeing that image.

That 250 Gems seemed like a good one to take. You essentially get half off of what you would spend for a 1 single 300 Gem Summon (albeit you could select from Epic or Elemental), still a chance at the HoTM, and 200 for a Troop Pull. Turtle Banner is neglectable since you could craft those.

So my end results… 3* Blue Troop (why not just elude me again, 4* “any” troop) and a Isshtak, which I already have… I suppose the silver lining here is that at least I will have a stronger blue troop should I ever try to double blue strong in the future (since I only had 1 3* blue troop prior to this).

The RNG God really likes to mess me.

Well, this deal was a swing and a miss for me. There wasn’t anything in there that I needed at all. Note that a tome of tactics was not offered yet again. Ascension mats for 5* fourth tier really do you no good unless you have a tome of tactics. I see the D blade is offered in yet another sale. It’s offered a on an uncommon basis, but certainly more often than the tomes of tactics.

With 12 HoTM, 6 new event 5* heroes, all of the old Event 5* heroes and the regularly available 5* heroes, offering Six tomes of tactics per year is simply not enough. Yes, some drop to some people, but reliably Six fall per year with Farnholme pass. This needs to be looked at and they need to be made more available.

Does anyone remember what the name of the turtle was, or what E&P wound up using it as a monster for?

EDIT! Nevermind-- “kappa” in season 2, provinces 12+

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