World of Cupcakes forum?

I spend a bit of time, mostly lurking, on the forums and I have to ask, why are so many people on here so sensitive? Any comment not praising SG for marking worlds best game seems to get flagged and hidden. Ok, maybe a little exaggeration but still, can’t you guys take a little criticism of the game or another point of an argument without blocking people?


Criticism is acceptable, especially if it can be backed up with an actual argument instead of just being a complaint or rant because someone doesn’t like something.

Getting personal or generally offensive in how that criticism is presented is not acceptable.


There’s a huge difference between valid criticism, and the game does deserve some of them, and plain whine. Lots of the complaints around here are from entitled people that believe the game isn’t worth their time and/or money, yet they keep playing and paying, and it makes no sense. They don’t understand odds, don’t understand RNG and keep whining about what they believe should have happened after they spent hundreds of dollars in the game.

There’s also the fact that there are ways and ways to make complaints, and most of the one that are here are made in the most toxic way possible.

Do you want to complain? Sure, go ahead, do it, it’s your right, Free Speech ammendment and whatnot, but do it with reason and without making the environment toxic for everyone here.


Just one example. Lots of complaints, no solution offered.


Yer, I think @almeida is broadly right. If people bring screenshots of specific problems then they’ll get a lot of support.

And people asking advice get it in bucket loads.

But I think there is a section of veteran forum users that are a bit tired of badly researched complaints coming round and round. The game has a lot of random elements and if people write in a way which suggests that they should get an easier ride, then they tend to get shot down.

SG does design the game to attract spending while hiding odds, so I don’t always blame people for frustration. But it does get tiresome when people repeat their mistakes and naïvety and then expect a shoulder to cry on.

No one likes a recidivist!


It’s just the internet where everyone has their own opinion. If somebody has a complaint, there is someone that is going to complain about them complaining and someone complaining about why there is complaining about complaining, and so on and so forth until the end of time as long as everybody has an opinion. Endless circles. Just let it bounce off of you and try to have a decent conversation.


Toxic comments are no good, but I have to agree with you that only the toxic comments made by those who complain are flagged. There are various toxic comments by defenders who are actually applauded

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It’s the same criticism over and over… for a year plus now. It’s all been aired, many times over. Nobody has anything new to complain about, it’s all been covered.

  1. SGG gives extremely low, unpublished odds of everything worth anything in this game.
  2. In most cases, spending money is going to result in disappointment. Know this in advance and don’t complain when all you have to show for your $500 is garbage.

They should just pin this at the top of the forum and delete any post that references any of this. It’s true, we get it, just tired of the daily repeats. There should be a whole forum area dedicated to complaints where complainers can all hang out with each other. Any complaint posted in the general forum can be moved there.

This is all just from today.

  • World of Cupcakes forum?
  • Is it about the players it the$$$
  • Loot is just a joke
  • What is going on now?
  • Training recruits annoying Issue

Yes to all that!!!

Kudos for your use of example that includes a (further) example from the OP. Well done. :wink:

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They’re fans. And fans do defend their game from posters that are rude and insulting. And they have the forum rules backing them up as well. So misbehave at your own peril.

The irony here is that all posters are probably very passionate about the game. They just have different expectation levels and satisfaction levels. If you think of it, a complaint is merely the negative expression of a positive desire. And an angry rant the negative expression of a great passion.

We’re not so different, all of us, we just use different tones and words to express ourselves. And yes, it’s not just about what you say, it’s also about how you say it.

But it’s not always easy to find the common ground, and turn a mudfight into an actual discussion. So yeah, you get some heated debates rather than constructive discussions.

Sometimes a bit of humor might help to clear the mood. I try that every now and then. But I’m a Dutch guy, so my jokes are very, very bad. And my puns are worse, terribad. At least I find them funny myself, so bottomline I still win :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Understand what you mean. Two of my Posts were also flagged and they were (from my side) not abusive or unpolite. My post was flagged just because I said funnily in this Topic…

…that skittleskull might be transgender. Was flagged weeks after it was posted and I got even some likes on this post. I was shocked when I got the Information from the System that it was flagged.
Same in Chat. Why ban the word “#Pe*nis”? It is the correct biological term for a male sexual organ. If the " bad" words for this are censored it is absolutely ok but better think about the word before setting it on a black list.

I know @Sorsha . I bumped my own nose with such a post before as well. But that’s another matter entirely. We’re not all adult readers here, or in the ingame chat. So they’re extra careful versus innuendo or the use of certain words, even when biologically and anatomically sound and reasonable. You know, keeping the forum and the game a family friendly place?

I can understand that. And at the same time, as the father of two sons 8 and 10 yrs old, I know it’s not stopping them from learning “naughty words” at all. But it sure does keep another part of their environment family friendly, and that’s a Good Thing™.

@Bertus, I understand your concerns as a father but Keep in mind that have to be 13+ to Play this game. You can also check in Topic:

Especially rooks comment:

I posted a Hyeronimus Bosch painting and it was removed due to nudity, lol. Sort of needed magnyfing lens to see it

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That’s irrelevant. A minor is a minor, in particular when it comes to matters of sexuality. In particular.

Typically, the standard is biased towards a more careful, conservative approach. Depending on cultural differences, this may appear prudish or overly prudent, or very adequate. It does however serve the purpose of making this a family friendly forum for most cultures that play this game, including the more conservative/religious ones, and that too is a Good Thing™.

But yeah, as a Dutchman that grew up in Den Bosch no less, removing Jheronimus Bosch paintings strikes me as an act of cruel cultural barbarism!!! :scream:

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I was told that there would be cupcakes…?


Sorry. Found only cookie cake or doughnut…but i did not start this topic :wink:

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I posted a picture of a piece of fruit that looked kind of like a butt in my post on the recruiting forum and even that got deleted.

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